I have just pulled the trigger for the newest Phantom 85 V-3

The clutch is a cool looking product with a niche application, out of my price range and my bikes don't need it.

I'm glad you posted it, I like to look at nice stuff even if I have no intention of buying it.
I already have a few new ngk b6hs plugs and I purchased some gaskets for the intake and exhaust along with the engine. I have seen that the clutch pads are junk that come with the p85 so I'll just follow the link I have read in one of these threads to buy replacement ones.

When I ordered mine it had free shipping.
Nice. My p85 will arrive tomorrow I am stoked! I want to try and vlog the build from start. This is my 3rd engine so I have definitely learned a ton. It should go smoothly and hope to be breaking it in tomorrow some time.
So I wanted to film the build and couldn't. But my first impression of the p85. Wow, that thing has so much more power then the other builds I have done. Riding it to work this morning was definitely an experience cruising speed was 30ish. That was just trying to run it for break inof course. I love it lol.
I know many here aren’t fans of Smolik Performance but they have made a strong effort to change business policy and become a dependable vendor of performance parts for motorized bicycles.

They tested a new clutch at the recent SoCal races and production is in place to release a 3 plate disc dry clutch in July.

It’s a bit pricey but it’s supposed to be able to handle a load from modified engines with no slip. So if it works as described this clutch should handle phantom torque easily with no slip.

The description states it’ll bolt right up and use the stock CG clutch internals. It’s about 1.5” taller than a standard clutch.
That looks like it weighs 25lbs. Can the small motor handle that?