i have once again finished another bike at 13!


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Apr 22, 2008
i have finished my occ chopper. its not a schwinn though, i hope to get pics up after i get back from toronto. it got an black powerking 80cc engine. it pulls the bike which is very heavy and me about 30-35 kph at half thrrottle. its had someproblems though, i was riding in my neighborhood and then snap. i pushed in the clutch lever to show my friend and in stead the lever broke and it made me pop the clutch:eek: i finally got to a stop and looked down and there was my clutch cable snapped in half. so i get home and i take some parts off another bike. so i get it going and then whammy my chain snapps and whipps my leg:cry: so i get it home and get a new chain. after a new chain its been running fine untill something else.pop. there goes my back tire......................................again. so its now sitting in my garage waiting to get fixed in two weeks. but other then that it works fine. its got a homemade super bright LED head light, turnsignals with a brake light and horn hooked up to the kill switch. the kill switch was put to a key switch. i have real nice ape-hanger handle bars and a black banana seat off a boys mustng bike. well i hope to get pics soon
hi joe; dont mind him. you are to be commended. your age and experience are something to be proud of. ride safe and keep us posted. mitch
stringer,We haven't seen any of your work!

Have you built a bike,or you just going to bad mouth everyone who has?

As you can see both my build and my badmouthing are coming along great. :p

I call her ...



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thanks every one for your replys and stringer i have pics of my other bikes if you check the photo gallery or my thread starters. ihave about 6 bikes now and more to come. i just dont have pics because i dont have film for my camera and my family is buying a super good digital camera so i will be getting very good quality pics after i get back from toronto in two weeks. but i can understand why some people wont belive a 13 yo can build stuff.
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Hey stringer, next year when you turn 17, you can get a new line.

Have a nice day:D