Tires I have to Replace a bike Treads. is this good? Cheng Shin C241 Street Tire

Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by dogchow90, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. dogchow90

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    Due to me being a beginner Idiot for biking I let the motor chain rub against the tire. :dunce:
    Now i have to replace my rear tire tread.
    I usually ride about 40-50 miles a week on the back roads. Does anyone know a good bike tire for a 26" cruiser bike. specifically a white-wall Kevlar type. I found one that wasn't kevlar but would it still be OK: Cheng Shin C241 Street Tire, 26 x 2.125", White Wall

  2. DougC

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    When I bought a Worksman a few years back I chose the kevlar-belt tires option, and they were "unbranded" but they looked exactly like the blackwall C241's.

    There were no manufacturer markings on them at all, just a small "kevlar" emplem and inflation pressures.
  3. wheelbender6

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    There isn't really a tire I would not recommend. They all seem to give me my money's worth. I would avoid knobby tires that have a lot of space between the knobs unless you spend most of your time off road. They wear quickly and are susceptible to punctures by glass and thorns between the knobs.
  4. dogchow90

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    if i bought a wheel with 26x2.125 size would it fit a 26x2.125 tread i mentioned above? also silly question would it be ok to get a 26x1.75 wheel and put the above tread on? i only ask this because i am 230+25lbs of gear usually and don't want the tube to blow out like others mentioned? one last question is it bad for the bike if your front and rear wheel sizes are different? ex.front 26x2.125 rear 26x1.75
  5. a/c man

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    It would be ok to put the 26 x 2.125 on that rim.
    The 2.125 is the width in inches.

    You could put the 2.125 tire on the front and the 2.175 on the rear if you want to.
    It may not look quite as cool with a fatter tire on the front and a skinnier tire on the rear though.
    That's just a matter of opinion.
    The only thing to remember is to use tires ending in a decimal for your wheels.
    For example 2.125 or 1.75.
    Don't try to use tires ending in a fractional number.. for example 2 3/8..
    They won't fit the rims..
    2.75 is a different size than 2 3/4..
    Make sure you get the appropriate size inner tube for whatever size tire you decide on.
    A skinny tube won't work in a fat tire..
    Good luck and report back some time..
  6. lowracer

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    I run those tires on one of my two MB's & they ride great.
    Go to for the best price...
  7. DougC

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    The Cheng Shin C241's are a vintage style as well, I have at least one 1939 bicycle tire advertisement (an image I found online) that shows the same tread style.

    These treads seem to have come about in the 1930's, since none of the Goodyear ads from the 1920s that I have yet found shows any of them.