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    I'm Dave, mb'n in Louisville. One of only a select few who ride around here. Anyway, hope all of ya have an enjoyable and SAFE SAFE SAFE riding season. Watch out for those you know whos. They just ain't lookin. I got hit two Augusts ago, took a while to heal, have some permanent left ear damage (tinitus) and my left shoulder blade is shorter in span than my right. The driver was going a little less than 35mph.

    Wear a helmet. I've never wore a helmet, but I wish now that I did. Surfin and readin, there's always that one that preaches the benefits of wearing one, and followed up by a mental evaluation of the ones who don't. I always took offense of those holier than thous because I hate helmets. Last summer I tried a helmet a couple of times (stuck to the city park/pavement trails however..20mph tops). But i'm making a resolution to wear it each and every time this year.

    Anyone w/me on the helmet rage?


    New build this year.. I found an old Antelope at a thrift store (silver/ rusted chrome, dirty , but sturdy). Used crumpled aluminum foil drenched in water to scrub the rust off the chrome. Try that sometime if you've never heard about it. It takes off the rust, believe me. It's just a pain to do. Painted it flat black including the rims. I like the chrome/alum on flat black. 2 1/4" road tires, was going for the 29er look..

    The friction drive I built from scratch. milled and drilled every part except the nuts and bolts. The engine is a TLE43. The roller supplied by BMP (cool guy to do business with). I got the one-way bearing and it's very smooth, works great. It's my machine, good feelin to have. Thanks for takin time out, glad this forum's still here. Peace

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