I hope I am wrong.

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  1. spad4me

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    Arizona is calling a motorized bike a moped now.???
    I did not think they could do that.
    After September I will need tags and a license to ride a motorized bicycle.???

    So far just a rumor I hope.

  2. azbill

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    moped is if they nail you over 20
  3. JemmaUK

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    This is mind numbingly stupid - 90% of the people who build these bikes are proud of them and all the work that goes into them and the last thing they are likely to do is ride them dangerously...

    All this trash about climate change and health and safety and who knows what else.. and when someone comes up with something simple and effective that keeps 5.7 litre hemis off the roads - its ... oooh you cant do that because you might hurt yourself...

    I have to go see my doctors regularly - on my bike it would cost me 12 pence the round trip, on the bus it costs me £3.20!

    Im sick and tired of the authorities telling me that I am not allowed to even use my own body as I see fit - more to the point - my town says its doing a cycling project... roflmao... I spent £70 on a tuned pipe so I could make 30mph and be safe in a stream of traffic on my MB... I cant pedal a normal cycle and i wouldnt risk my safety on a pushbike round here...

    Why do we let people take charge of our lives this way... it just makes things a little bit worse for everyone the more freedoms we dont have...
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  4. AussieJester

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    If thats the case my vote is to ban all ICE motored bikes...me <3's Hemis :p :p :p..and any other V8 over 5 liters for that matter :: sigh :: how i miss my 351 5.8 liter Cleveland :-(

    Unfortunately as governments get more "serious" about regulating vehicle emissions i can see the death of all two strokes regardless of what they're in.....haha i just had a lil google actually to see whats new with two stroke tech...seems not much, i was initially excited when i found this article about Hondas plans to bring back the two stroke then i noticed the year of the article 2003...guess they decided 4 stroke motocrossers were the better option LoL...MotoGP have cut the 250cc two stroke class, as of next season 250cc two strokes to be replaced with 4 stroke 600 cc machines...Motocross is predominately thumpers now, pitty, i LOVED racing my two stroke motocross bikes in my younger days can't beat the power band on a 500 two stroke!!!...well...you can, but it takes ALOT bigger 4 stroke to do it LoL

    Good luck ICE riders me thinkz you will need it :-(

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  5. spad4me

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    Hello Jemma from the UK.
    I thought you has stopped riding a motorized bicycle.
    I had not seen a post from you in a long time.

    The rumors are thick here in Sunny Bullhead AZ. USA.
    I thought that two strokes were being banned.
    I was planning to jump to an electric.motorized bicycle.

    The cost for an Electric set up of decent range is very high compared to a happy time or my gp 460 based shopping machine.
    Both of which are legal under AZ hb 2796. The original law. enacted by Spooky tooth's help.

    My fuel costs when gasoline was $4.00 a gallon were $8.00 a month per bicycle.
    I ride a lot.
    At the high fuel price a decently sized 48 volt battery would cost the same as four years of fuel in my ICE powered bicycles.
    The controller and the motor an inrunner style permanent magnet rotor 48 volr dc . Would cost as much as the battery.

    I thought this would happen.
    Motorized bicycles powered by a Battery only .
    No Co2 emissions .
    I was looking at the equivalent of eight years of tiny sequential affordable expenses .
    ALL at once if I want to use a motorized bicycle.

    I can live with a 20 mph limit, I do that already.
  6. JemmaUK

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    I've got nothing against a Multi Displacement Hemi 5.7 - but I dont really need it to move all 60 something kilos of me and 1000 kilos of metal around the place when all I need to do is get to town and back or to my grandmothers and back..

    I would love to build a petrol-electric bike - with the two stroke on my current bike as a genny - but I want performance that means I can hold my own on the road at the 30mph limit.

    Oh, its doable. I'd probably do it as a trike with lead acid batteries and electric start which can be activated through the controller when the batteries get low - but that needs money. 24v for town use, switchable battery banks to 48v and associated amperage changes should give economy and performance...

    As to the two stroke issue - many of the non CH engines use either super-lean-burn technology (that actually works, take notice ford) or wide aspect catalysts that produce fumes as clean as a modern 4 stroke multivalve engine... interesting that the series 1 chrysler neon was going to be introduced with a 3 cylinder two stroke option!...

    What I cant understand is why we havent gone back to the sleeve valve engines - the only engine that gets more efficient as it does more mileage!...

    P.S. Since I have had some fairly major surgery and some fairly major police issues I havent ridden for a while, but hope to get things sorted soon so I can - and am still contemplating coming out to the states and doing a round the coast run...

  7. AussieJester

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    Well i hope your healing well Jemma i know what its like to be holed up injured it sucks... Good to have you back on the boards... You have alot of experience i have been curious since reading your posts on Motorbicycling many months ago if you have you trained as a mechanic or similar or are you self taught? I would like to see a working hybrid alot have proposed a build but as yet i haven't seen one that is anything to write home about... ..SLAs are cheap for sure Jemma but they are bloody heavy and really the range they give you is pretty poor, voltage sag is HUGE and they last only ~400 charges, I have 25kilos worth of SLAs on my trike now (48v 18ah) add a china motor and you be looking at some serious weight to move along...My trike is 165lbs (~75kilo) with batteries alone! I considered doing a hybrid not long back myself but since the Aussie dollar is now doing well latest tech lipos are affordable 44v 10ah packs for under 400 bucks delivered! Thats some serious oomph cant beat lipos.


    NB: I would not recommend Lipos too anyone that isn't either experienced with them or prepared to study the dangers...treated properly their energy density can't be matched but houses have literally been burnt to the ground from lipo fires they are highly volatile if not treated with care follow the golden rule--> "Absolutely NEVER Exceed 4.3v/cell, never Discharge below 2.7v/cell, never puncture the cells."
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    Calm down Spad. Recently passed legislation doesn't take effect without ample time for judicial review, etc. I'm not surprised that the legislature plans to regulate motorized bicycles. I just doubt that the bill becomes law as soon as Sep 30.
    What is good about this is that motorbikes are being recognized as viable transportation. What's bad, is that the law makers would prefer that you ride the buses and trains that they have spent your tax money on.
    I'd rather tinker with a motorbike than wait at the bus stop every day.