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Sep 30, 2006
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Long and short of it: If a person doesn't have a smile using GEBE, it isn't a success.

They will work with anybody to get the problems ironed out, but sometimes the description of the problem isn't adequate or correct.

Engines are on order, but demand is outpacing supply by a long shot. Not only is GEBE getting hundreds of e-mails from all over the world, but Zenoah and Tanaka are also growing rapidly, a double conundrum.

What I suggested to him, and what Hive is going to help set up, is an interactive guide HERE, on MB.com, to help a prospect choose the right bike AND engine.

I think the Tanaka 33 is going to be the overall winner, (based on two weeks riding), but for many the 25 cc is perfect.

And, I just tried to order 10 engines, backordered till August. Took some sweet talking to get two T-33's that he's being prudently stingy with.

Just like GEBE is backordered, waiting for containers of engines to arrive and modify.

Nobody up the supply chain ladder got prepared for demand globally, Korea is gobbling the engines up by the thousands.

AND, there aren't enough hours in the day to help every customer in depth. Plus, their son Vaughn is getting married in September, handling the international e-mail and a bride to be is a tall order.

So, MB.com can be an assist, pictures tell a thousand words.

Let's not get this cluttered like the Happy Time motors, there are not a lot of problems, the GEBES crank pretty quick out of the box.

Installations are the main issue, not the GEBE kits, which are one size fits all, and like Hive shows with his recumbent, you sometimes have to make your own straps, a $5-10 dealio, no biggie.

Anyway, gotta go pick up somebikes, probably will edit this later. :cool:

Feel free to comment on the supply/demand problems as you see it.