I just Kreemed my Hardly Davidson gas tank


Local time
1:55 PM
Apr 7, 2008
denison, tx
I found I one little pin hole and decided that it needed to be patched. I bought "Kreem" which is a three step process for coating the internals. Did it yesterday and all in all it's pretty easy to do. First soak is with a mix of phosphoric acid to break up any rust and etch the insides. Then the next is MEK which is the kicker for the polyester urethane coating. The third step is to pour in the coating and move it around until all interior surfaces are covered. If you want to know more I can explain in depth.
I'm interested in this. Would this work for plastic tanks, too? I just found this old plastic tank that is exactly like mine, but it was made in the U.S. & it doesn't leak gas!! There was some grease and what appeared to be liquid rust in the bottom. I got most of it out with a coat hanger (took about 2 hours to do) & shook it around with some gas & small rocks.

I'm wondering if I should still use this stuff. I don't remember seeing this at Advance Auto Parts either.
I don't see why not but then I am not sure. I picked this kit up at a Harley Davidson custom shop, and they should know for sure. You might want to ask the manufacturers themselves just to be on the safe side. Most grease can be removed with dish soap or simple green. If the tank is plastic and there is anything that looks like rust in it, it's probably old gas residue. Whatever you find out, or whatever you decide to do, please post your results for others to learn by.