i just met a guy who motorized biked from gainesville to key west

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by happyjourney, Apr 29, 2011.

  1. happyjourney

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    He and his buddy both had motorized bikes but he said he blew a ring i think up in homestead and had to pedal from there. i asked him if the cops messed with him and he said some of them gave him a thumbs up. i've seen two people riding them regularly downtown now. I'm starting to feel braver to ride one on the streets.

  2. bluegoatwoods

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    Most of us have found that the police are more friendly and inquisitive than hostile.

    I have the notion that this applies mostly to folks who ride easy. They might take a hard attitude toward folks who go gonzo.

    I think this even applies in places (in the USA, anyway) where they are not strictly legal.
    Though there's bound to be exceptions, I think the cops figure that they have bigger fish to fry as long as the rider is being cool.

    I don't know the laws in Florida. But I know that there's a fair number of MB'ers there.

    The law is probably not one of your big worries. So have fun!
  3. Porkchop

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    If you run legal, no need to be concerned about cops ?
  4. Wheres my dog

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    Hey Pork,

    I passed 4 cops yesterday with my army cruiser and two of them waved and gave me the hi sign!
  5. buzbikebklyn1

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    As with everything in life a positive attitude and RESPONSIBLE action will get you farther than one might think.
    As a former Law enforcement officer (highway patrol) i came across quite a few moto bikes while on duty, If the riders were riding safely i never even stopped them, if they were going gonzo id stop them and give them a warning if i caught them again riding in an unsafe manner ... well then it got serious.
    Not all Cops are anti moto... some of us really admired the ingenuity and work that goes into a good moto bike.
    Just be respectful and friendly, and be prepared to answer a few questions cheerfully... most of the time you will find your self on your way with a new found respect for the police.
    One voice can be ignored, but if we all speak as one we will HAVE to be heard!