I know this is wrong...


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12:34 PM
May 18, 2008
Guys, I'm aware that I'm posting in the wrong spot but I need a huge favor. I just figured more eyes would see this than in the classified section.

I need a new or used clutch lever (handle) to replace mine. (The kind that would come with a DAX kit...with the lockout spring button). IT'S AN EMERGENCY.

Hopefully, this will stay up long enough for someone to see- before it's moved. Again, sorry.
Mcass. Do this. Hook up a regular brake lever on that clutch then get some vice grips to keep it pushed in on the rare instances you need your hands off of it. Frankly I RARELY use my lock unless I want to free pedal. I bet you can as an alternative get a steel bolt or something to fit in that area you make when your lever is depressed. That would keep it locked as well.
Another note, those push pin locks don't work that well... They caused wear to my clutch. they didn't fully disengage Just my .02, I wish I had the el cheapo that came with my Kings motor. I guess the old saying "Less is More" stands true.

those locking levers are just standard bmx fare, but to be even simpler use the ole parking brake method
take your strip of double sided velcro that you cary w/ you to keep your pants out of a chain (I know most of yall don't but this refers to the touring cyclist) squeze lever to front brake (YOUR CLUTCH LEVER) and rap strip tightly around bar and lever problem solved
you may also be able to tighten a hose clamp mostly tight but still swivels on the grip. Loop the "extra" metal "tail" into a hook shape and see if that holds it.