I live in Los Angeles( looking for a vendor for kit)

There is somebody in Venice that sells the kits and complete bikes with engine.
I will try to find the link but he says they do rides from santa monica to venice.
sounds like fun to me!!!

Santa Clarita ca.
Save some money. Buy from Powerkingshop (cheapest) or boygofast (quickest shipper) on ebay. Boygofast is in California.
Also, I have noticed the performance difference between the 50cc and 80 cc engines are very small. You may buy a little more top end speed, (4-5 mph) at the sacrifice of significant mileage.
the biggest difference between sizes is the torque
70cc is best for either big (heavy) guys, or pulling a trailer
Boygofast is in Walnut . He will give you a deal for cash pu .He has a few or had , kits differant kits and parts.
Last year I got 2 kits for $225 He goes by a few differant ebay names .