Clutch I lost my lock screw.

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  1. Zaqq

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    Well, this is a rather simple question. Do you guys know where I can get a new lock screw for the flower nut in the clutch? I seemed to have misplaced mine during a disassembly. I lost it last year before the winter and it started slipping after a mile or so. I have looked on many of the online vendors and I cannot find any replacements. I was wondering if you guys could point me in the right direction for finding a replacement online or the thread count/size.


  2. 074KU

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    It is a 3mm screw with a 0.7 thread pitch.
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  3. Fabian

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    I never knew it had a 0.7mm pitch thread.

    You learn something new every day, especially on this forum!
  4. Zaqq

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    Thanks a lot, this will definitely help out!
  5. 074KU

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    Glad I could be of some help.
  6. Zaqq

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    I finally had a chance to fix this thing and I found that it is really 4mm with .7 thread pitch. It may just be my specific Chinese engine or you may have typed it up wrong.
  7. 074KU

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    heh, could be a change, I gave it a second measure with my verniers and it is indeed a 3mm on my bike. The engine is many many years old though so that may be something else they changed over the years.
  8. Fabian

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    Although i haven't measured my flower nut indexing screw, from memory it appeared to be around 3mm, though my engines are around 4 - 5 years old.
  9. 074KU

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    Your engine is of similar age to mine, if there isn't already perhaps some ambitious person could log these changes and give each type an unofficial model number as I have had a lot of trouble trying to get an "official" engine designation for any of my kits.
  10. crassius

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    flower nut lock screw is usually same as clutch cable lock screw
  11. DudeMar

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    For those who may need to make a replacement flower nut indexing screw. A common PC screw with a little metal filing fits perfect. This type of screw has the anti back-out inner ring on the underside of head and is the proper thread count and about 5mm thread length when in original condition. Will add a pic if any are interested.
  12. butre

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    it's worth noting that there are at least 3 different screw types in any given computer on account of the fact that a modern pc is an amalgamation of about a dozen different styles. I believe the screw you're referring to is the same one that holds the main board in place.
  13. DudeMar

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    Indeed Sir. You called it, so I had a pic at the ready. incoming Pic:

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  14. Yes, go to Home Depot use the screw board you will probably half to run in and out of the store a dozen times to get the right pitch so forth I bought arond $20 worth of nuts bolts washers so forth last week they have an excellent selection almost anything you need until you get into metric long scres for motor mounts they don't have any that one can cut to length some one answer your question on the size try that one.
  15. Now when I s
    Now when I see a common nut on the street I stop and look think that piece of trash is probably worth $3.00 at least.
  16. Frankenstein

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    And then the most disgusting part of the equation reveals it only cost 2 cents to manufacture and cost home Depot 5 cents to buy, leaving you with the 3 dollar price tag since retail is practically a scam...

    Can't wait for the robots to take over 90% of the retail jobs so I can get reasonable prices on goods..