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    Okay, I have a beach cruiser that I was planning on decking out soon but the transmission failed and snapped a belt. Well that happened because the old bolts that held the transmission in and got loose causing the transmission to lean. Well I put new ones in and added lock-tight to keep it there but there's another issue.

    It's a ghost rider 4 stroke engine kit with a 4g transmission and the rear 10 tooth sprocket that goes to the chain, well the nut that held it on and the pin that locked the sprocket to the drivechain fell off mid ride, good thing it was just a test run up and down the road.

    I need help finding another key and nut that will fit the driveshaft so I can get my baby puring again before it gets to cold.


    I feel as if my original post was to vague but I figured out the answer to one of my two questions, I figured out the shaft for the transmission drive pulley is 1/2 inch or more likely knowing it's chinese it's most likely 13mm, so I just need a nut that's 13mm but I'm still having issues finding a replacement key, below should be some images that describe my current issue.

    IMG_20151023_234103.jpg IMG_20151023_234042.jpg

    So does ANYBODY know the size of the key that would fit this or have a spare key from a bike they're parting out?
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