I love analog gauges.



Firstly, I've been wondering about those analog speedometers that the whizzers use and that are also widely available for bicycles. How exactly do they work and how do you install them?

Second, Is it possible to install a working tachometer to these engines?

How about a temperature gauge? I'm thinking of something that maybe doesnt show the exact temp, but will have a "normal operating range" in which the needle is in when the engine has been running for awhile, and can also let you know when the engine is warmed up enough to ride on cold mornings. I don't know exactly how to describe what I have in mind, though.

Either way, How many of you have, and use, a speedometer on your bike?

Feedback appreciated,

Joseph Garcia


Joe, can't explain the workings of the speedo, but yes, you can out a tach on these engines. Look for the electronic type for a 1 cylinder engine.
Same goes for temp. gauge. Look for a cylinder head temp gauge, the kind that the "sending unit" is a simple washer that goes under the spark plug. Very easy to install.

You may want an exhaust gas temp. gauge, it's the hot set-up, no pun intended. It will give you instant readings and in case of a gasket failure ect. you will have info BEFORE the engine seizes.

here a place to check out the cylinder head temp. gauge.- www aerocorsair. com/id62.htm

Bill Snow


I have a analog speedo on both of my Whizzers. A cable and housing ( like on a car ) run from the speedo to the front hub. A round plate with square holes around the ourside that turn the cable gear is mounted to the hub. The Whizzer hub is fairly large due to the front drum brake, but they will probably fit a standard bicycle wheel. I have never checked to see how accurate they are but I was told by a dealer that the new one I bought is off 3-5 mph,depending on the speed.

I have seen regular analog bicycle speedometers on EBay that probably do just as well and cost less.



I bought the analog speedometer that runs a wire down to the front fork and attaches a pickup coil about 1/2 inch from the top of the spokes. Then you attach a magnetic clamp onto your spoke lined up with the pickup coil. It works fantastic after you bend your brains trying to set it up for metric or ASE or 26" or whatever else. Oh and make sure to coat the little magnet base with Silicon rubber to make it stay.