i love classic rock...



i think my new friends here would like to meet some other friends of mine :)

i used to moderate a forum for an internet radio station...

the best of that former bunch have now banded together to start a new classic rock station. they're some very groovy rockers & great friends of mine. they ab-so-lute-ly love my motor'd-bike.

so i'd like to tell you a bit about them. they have over 15000 60's to 90's tunes, live dj's taking requests thru chat, e-mail, & instant messenger. they also have an auto-dj that takes requests. the stream is always free, tho you may donate, they never ask for money, i hope that makes this not-spam, let me know if you feel otherwise...they just love music & sharing it with the world.

if you guys are ok with it, i'd post one of their banners here. in turn, they'd put us on their "friends" page and give us a lot of live chatter just 'cuz they're cool that way: http://www.irock109.com/friends.php

so, wutta ya think?

if you check 'em out, tell them "augie" sentcha



woohoo, Tom 8)

i love Led Zeppelin, too..."Stairway to Heaven" is still my favorite air-guitar to this day :devilish:

i figured that was an endorsement from the bossman, so here goes:

these guys love Zep too...and America, and Bad Company, and Foghat, and Bon Jovi, and Chicago, and Van Halen, and Steppenwolf, and Frank Zappa, and Uriah Heep, and The Outlaws, and ...well, uh, you get the idea... 8)


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Aug 4, 2006
That banner is fine with me. The off topic forum is the perfect place for stuff like that. If that was your first post I might have a different opinion, although I like classic rock a lot and it is posted in the correct forum.

My favorite song is Carouselambra. I don't even know how to say it right.


xlent, istbenz 8)

if you email a request, or go into chat, tell 'em you're from here and that you
know me, you'll be treated to a great shout-out :)
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