I Love My Basket

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  1. LR Jerry

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    Often I use my basket. At times I don't know what I'd do without it. During this day and age when most are only concerned with speed and looks practical use for motor assisted bikes is rare. You find the basket being used less and less. Sometimes replaced with saddle bags; which most are detachable. Still often times I've carried things in my basket which I couldn't have in a saddle bag. The basket does bring back an old school feel. Just something I wanted to share. Need to go to the grocery store.

  2. 2stroker

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    gotta have it

    I have a basket on the front of my bike and i would never ride with out it again. I use it to hold a bottle of water or gas. Spare tubes are a must when your riding. If ya ain't got em your gonna be walking. Maybe a couple tools just in case. exspecially if your riding a fortune cookie..lol ya know how those chains and clutches are..but for me a basket is a must.

    On my other bike i gotta round container that i use instead of a basket and it works great to it likes a round 4-5in wide foot long container its sleaker looking!

    Friction 4 Life
  3. happyjourney

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    no doubt. i have the biggest wald basket i could find on the front and back of my bike. it's been sitting all winter but i can't wait to get it out to go do grocery shopping with it. i actually wanted to put a commercial laundromat basket on the back of my bike before but now i'm thinking its overkill really.
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    sorry. i thought this was a recent post for some reason
  5. LR Jerry

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    No problem baskets are great.
  6. srdavo

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    Gotta Have "em!

    IMG_20120825_183231.jpg 11411.jpg
  7. LR Jerry

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    The main reason I put a basket on my bike was show the vehicles can be used for practical reason as well as enjoyment.
  8. chad

    chad Member

    I saw this thread the other day, and then I went to amazon.com. I put some handlebar mount baskets in my shopping cart.

    The only reason I did not buy one is because, I have a flashlight/headlight mounted on my handlebars, and a throttle cable that kinda needs to stick out a bit so it works smoothly.

    What style/type front basket do you all recommend ??
    Or what style mounting brackets do you all recommended ??

    Thank you in advance,
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  9. chad

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    I have been using a backpack to transport things on my bike, but I think a basket will be much more convenient.

    I'm thinking a basket, is like having a trunk.

  10. LR Jerry

    LR Jerry Well-Known Member

    I used a laundry basket and attached it to the engine/gearbox mounting hardware. I also use a solid right triangle brace under the basket to support it.
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  11. bobo333

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    i dont have a basket as such but the rear tray i built last week in combination with a canvas shopping bag is the best mod ive done to my bike, makes carrying thinks so much easier and safer!

  12. noisydad

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    I added a wooden platform over my friction-drive rack and use a steel scooter trunk bungeed to that.
    I like the idea of adding a basket to the non-engine side of the rack, though - more flexibility on what could be carried.
  13. LR Jerry

    LR Jerry Well-Known Member

    Looks like a good way to carry your stuff.
  14. darwin

    darwin Well-Known Member

    If you have front suspension you better think through how your going to mount a front basket with the forks moving up and down. It can be done but a lil engineering is needed.