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  1. devin mcclenahan

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    I have been into mb for a year now. I have built 3 motor bicycles, one of which I drive to work every day. this trip equals 6km, plus I go everywhere else. i have been waiting to build the ultimate motor bicycle, and have been wondering which bike brands are good quality and reliable for installing 66cc slant head? Thanks to this site, this forum, has so really great people with such creative designs. I seem to spend most of my free time reading any useful information. Thanks again!

  2. professor

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    Hi Devin, welcome to Motoredbikes! Really, the engine quality is a whole lot bigger question than the bike quality. If you choose alum. frame on a bike- don't drill holes in it. That's about it from what I have seen here.
    2 cents from me- two brakes a necessity.
  3. chefdouglas

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    My two cents, if I build another bike I'm going full suspension. I like Trek and Gary Fisher it's a matter of what you want to spend. Disc brakes as a stock component because an upgrade latter will cost dearly.
  4. devin mcclenahan

    devin mcclenahan New Member

    ah i c thanks very much! the advice is always a help.