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Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Toysaresuss, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. Toysaresuss

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    My bike goes fast. i hit 34mph which to me is fast on a peddle bike when i think about it. But i want faster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So i have a Chinese 66cc 2 stroke engine which is stock apart from the 36t sprocket on the back wheel. question is what can i buy for it that will increase power and performance. What is the smallest size sprocket i can through on the back wheel that won't blow up the engine at top speed.

    One more question! when your in power band and you motor is going hard out whats the longest safest time i can leave it in that position for so i don't blow the motor?

    Thanks for your time :evilgrin:

  2. give me vtec

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    if you want REAL speed... get the sbp jack shaft kit and a nuvinci hub. The internal gearing allows you to cruise at 40+ for as long as you want. The nuvinci hub is bulletproof up to 7hp. You will never break it or wear it out with a 66cc.

    Be prepared to spend $$$$ though.
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    I have the sbp shift kit, sbp expansion chamber exhaust, boost industries boost bottle and a rock solid engines billet head. With these bolt on mods I have hit 38.5mph. I just received a velocity stack and ufo style air filter today and bolted it up and it feels like its gained a significant amount of grunt. I have had to richen up the fuel mix two notches and may even have to rejet the carb now so its obviously making more power drinking fuel like it is. Hopefully Ill set a new personal best speed tomorrow on my commute to work.
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    Don't worry anymore, i smashed my motor last night. was riding and the chain thingy slipped and went into the back wheel, i chain caught my pants and pulled me off the bike and under it. so it copped a hammer for almost killing me.
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    Toysaresuss Maybe you need some Anger Manangment classas !!!!
    Or a new bike ???
  6. arceeguy

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    Both! :)
  7. Toysaresuss

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    lol Yeah probably do. funny enough my motor still runs perfect... so i guess the motors are made pretty strong :D
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    Get a bigger hammer
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    Good thing they don't make Ht's in the USA

    Becuse that would be Domestic Violence !!!:evilgrin:
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    Well ****.
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    what you could do for an insane power boost is on your muffler pull the baffle out, there is one little screw on the bottom of your muffler, take it out and pull the bottom off, then just ride it like that, but be warned it will be stupidly loud, if you want moderate power increase with minimal sound increase then drill a 1/4" hole in the bottom of the pipe in the baffle, also get a high compression head and get a boost bottle,