I made a stamped metal motor dataplate anyone interested ?

While I had the cover off my 48cc grubee roundhead clutch linkage, I looked closely at the little Yuan Dong metal plate that said the motor is a 48cc/2hp engine. I figured the plate might hopefully save me from excessive harrasment someday. Unfortuately the important info is only painted on. I decided to make a more durable, official looking tag as replacement. I have an embossing press which makes tags used on foundry patterns. The raised letter are pressed into an aluminium strip. The one I made for my motor is 1/2 inch wide by three inches long. The ends are curved and punched with a hole where the plate can be riveted on. Double stick andhesive such as car emblems are mounted with or epoxy could also be used. If it is okay with Tom, Augidog and forum policy, I will make these available to forum members for a small fee to cover materials cost and mailing. Since I wouldn't know what size engine you actually have, I'll have to make them all say 48cc hehehehehehe!




well, i'm all for it, it's a nice "feature" for those who own 48's...i'm jealous, hehehe.

i'd like to move this to the buy/sell/trade forum & i need ya to post the price, you cool with that?
If you have a plate that says that and you get pulled over and the cop asks how big the engine is (as bamabike said) "Just point to the label and say i dunno, waddaya think?"
Voluntary compliance may help keep us on the road, thanks psuggimog. I for one am interested.

Wonder is something like that would work to appease the "Officers of the Law" mounted on a 70cc engine? :cool:
Steve said:
Wonder is something like that would work to appease the "Officers of the Law" mounted on a 70cc engine? :cool:

I would say yes, because unless you know what you are looking at the 70 and 48 are very similar in appearence. To the trained eye you can tell that the jug on a 70 is slightly bigger but most cops don;t have one and would never know the diffrence...Kelly
I'd probably be interested in 4 of them. Do you know how much you'd want for them? Maybe we could send you a SASE to return to us.

all ya gotta do now is post a price, looks like everyone's chomping at the bit 8)