I messed up........I think.



Ok. I just drilled out the jet on the carburettor slightly bigger than it was originally. Now gas flows out of the carb when the bike is sitting there. I see a decrease in torque and don't get the RPMs I once had. Is there a way I can fix this? Can I just get an aftermarket jet or what? Is the jet the bronze colored thingy that the gas hose connects to on the carb? That's what I am talking about. Please help me.
oh man, it sounds like you just wrecked the fuel inlet "valve"...and maybe more.

you're gonna have to tear the carb down and find out if it's salvagable.
I believe you've drilled out the float valve. That's not the one you want to drill. It leaks because it won't shut the fuel off when the float bowl is full. You'll need a new one.

The one you want to drill is the MAIN JET.
Not the needle jet where the slide needle goes into.

I can't stress enough that if you don't know for sure what you are "modifying", either ask, or don't do it.

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These carbs are simplistic. They have the one Jet. And that is it..IT is the slow and the fast jet and controls both circuits...Actually it has only one circuit that controls both. Anyway..The size of that Jet is small for sure and should be fine for all altitudes. The Needle is for sure best way to control Jetting. Simply move the needle up or down to change Jetting. If you drill, then you will ruin the Jet for sure. You may be able to Soldier over the hole and then make a new tiny hole. Good luck. You really do need another Jet it seems...But you can try the soldier thing and see what happens. Enjoy the ride... and remember.. THATS DAX !!!!!