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    I'm looking at a bike right now that is very sharp!! I in no way want to mount one of those homely fuel tanks that come with the motor kits (sorry). Does the fuel tanks for a two stroke motor have to be anymore than just leak proof, my area of experience is with automobiles and I know that they have to be pressure tested (pressurized). The other issue would be how close can the tank be to the motor without a fire or explosion. Go to www.chubbyscrusiers.com and look at the Black Gloss Switchblade to see what I'm thinking, putting a tank under the top bar in the frame above the motor. I realize I would probably have to get it fabricated but wouldn't it look cool as ****!! :cool2:

  2. Al.Fisherman

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    As long as the tank doesn't leak as you mentioned, a VENTED gravity fed tank can be used....I'm assuming that your reference is to the Chinese 2 stroke kits.
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    there are many gas tanks on many different things
    that are within an 1" or maybe even 1/2" of the engine
    such as in gas yard equipment

    but note
    try to do your best as in regards to making that tank strong and safe
    an explosion down under there

    could be rough on that THING !!!