I must have the best wife anywhere!


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Jan 11, 2008
Mount Vernon, Ohio, USA
I had drifted through the bike section at walmart the other day; they had marked down the a schwinn comfort bike to under a hundred bucks.

I went home & thought about it, & mentioned to my wife that I thought I was going to pick it up. (Starting to have problems with the wally world beach cruiser) and she sighed and said "No you're not. Let's get you a good bike."

To make a long story story short I'm in the process of getting a Trek 2.0 Navigator ready for the road.

An early Xmas present, but, the timing is perfect.
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Hmmm....does she have a sister? ;-O

Glad it worked out for you!

Have fun.

My wife would have said almost the same thing. "No you're not" is what she would say. She would just shorten up the sentence a little bit.

there you go ---- I hope that many wifes hear about this fine early Christman present

she loves you ------- that's for sure

a new bicycle sure makes it nice when you ------- ride that MB thing
My wife bought mine and hers! Shes mine!!!!!lol


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My wife bought mine and hers! Shes mine!!!!!lol

whose is the fastest ......yours , or....
your daughter's ? umm-ahh'mean wife's ?

well, the only bicycles my wife buys for me are..
crusty old skip-tooth pre/post war. nice mb(s) guys.
congats, enjoy. thomas
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