i need a boost bottle howto

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  1. i know you can make make a home made one but how is it done i would like exact instructions and measurements if possible thanks
    my motor size is 66cc

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    I have one I will give you if you pay shipping... they are pretty much worthless.

    I couldnt get it to do anything... if you think you can get something out of it, its yours.
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    Making of a PVC Boost bottle...this is for the 65.9cc (66cc).

    As there are many ways and materials one can use, I chose this method and materials.

    Materials needed.
    1) (2) 1" SCH 40 PVC end caps. Each cap holds 5cc
    2) (1) 3-1/8" X 1" SCH40 PVC (any other thickness will throw the volume off)
    3) (1) barbed 1/4" X 1/4" brass NPT nipple (for the bottle)
    4) (1) barbed 1/8" X 1/4" brass NPT nipple (for the intake manifold)

    Fit PVC pieces together BEFORE gluing. When the 3 pieces of PVC are put together the distance between caps should be 15/16" (what you can see of the 1" PVC pipe). Then glue one cap on. In that cap drill a hole for 1/4" NPT fitting. Thread with a 1/4" NPT tap. Clean out inside the PVC pipe and glue the remaining cap on. I used a small amount of JB Wield on the threads and screwed the 1/4" NPT nipple in place. Let set overnight.

    A 1/4" NPT nipple is really too large to insert in the intake manifold so I used a 1/8" NPT nipple. Drill and tap, as above. Thread the nipple into the manifold and you will see that the nipple extends into the manifold. I ground the nipple at the proper angle to be flush with the inside of the manifold. When this is done there are but a few threads left on the nipple. This is where you have to glue the nipple in place with JB Wield. Buy a length of hose and install. No unsightly clamps are needed as the barb grabs the hose and it's hard to remove.

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    do you have one of al's clutch rollers yet??? If not... IMO its a much better use of $20 than a boost bottle.
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    explain??? enquiring minds want to know
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    Relieves clutch handle pull to that of about 6#...your little finger.

    ...Without a doubt.

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