i need a carb

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  1. brand new build and the cns carb is not set right cant be adjusted and leaks if you lean bike the carb i need doesn't have to be new or pretty or clean it just needs to work so i can ride my first motor bike and yes money is a huge issue right now as in i have very little and have exhausted my unemployment and have only got to work for 8 hours in the last 2 weeks life is great right now lol

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    I'll be gettin some 12mm throat carbies with a proper float chamber and a slide as soon as I can find them for my 28cc 2-strokes. The vendors say that the motors are dead cos of the carby an that's why I can get an all good whole motor cheap except for the carby.

    My belief is an ol carb with a full-on float chamber, a slide and needle and no pump will be best. The Walbro an Zama are very compact an all-position, but are finniky lil things and need complete overhaulin to git goin.
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    check out the vendor list then goto the web sites and compare prices. I saw some NT style carbs between $25-$10 plus shipping. These are the BEST carbs for these 2-stroke HT motors. By best I mean ONLY one screw to adjust idle speed and carb will give you awsome performance right out of box.