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    Hello, I Need Help.I purchased a 70cc kit from ThatsDax this summer and mounted it on a Moon dog.
    An Outstanding Ride .
    It's been a Great ride on the 5 miles of steep hills to work.
    The problem is a crack in the small gear that is on the motors shaft inside the transmition .I wrote to Thatsdax and asked if they knew where I could get a replacement gear. I believe my inquiry was
    forwarded to another party, that I recognize from the forums, who offered a motor "returned under warranty- that would have the parts you need "for just under $70. This was ,I believe, a fair offer.
    My Hope is that someone Might have the gear to purchase and I can get'er back on the pavement.
    I've included a couple of photos that I hope will help.
    Thanks TRE

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  2. Crank gear

    Hi please measure the od of the shaft, and the keyway (sise to side) and either PM or email me.

    I cannot believe that you have not been offered that gear from your vendor.

    If I have a nice used one, 5.00

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    send me you address and i can send you one not sure if it will work for ya but if it does great it's used and it can't cost to mush to send to ya i don't need anything for it unless shipping is a retarded price