i need a little help my bike is acting weird???



ok well i replaced my back tire like i said earlyer cuz it was really wobbly. so it is not wobbleing anymore but it seems like its running higher rpm while wide open throttle and not going as fast its the same sprocket same gear and the back tire is the same size. dose anyone know what might be going on?
no the cluth is actually working really good. idk it might be time to get a smaller rear sprocket mabey? but i like the 44t its best of both worlds off road and on road.
If it's "running higher" and "not going as fast" SOMETHING is slipping. It won't produce more RPM's and less speed for no reason.

It's time to check your clutch, not change to a different sprocket.

Can I get a confirmation here srdavo?
ok well last night i hooked a speedometer on to it and it says its still doing 38.5 top speed so its still running fine i guess it may have been cause i did not ride it for 2 weeks