i need a write up. this manual is no good!



help guys. i bought a kit off ebay and the manual *************** are there any write ups on how to install a 80 cc 2 stroke?


oh yeah. and my bottom tube is too big for the larger size bracket adapter they give you in the kit...any suggestions?
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dunno how i feel about so non-descript a "new topic" :rolleyes:

well, duh, of course they ****...that's why MBc is so popular despite me being a pain in the *** ;)

and by the way...the whole "frame-mount" forum is the write-up you're looking for...there's good mount-info here, too, with great pics...it's called "search" :p:p
Man Augie, Ya gotta calm down! this kinda carp is going to happen every day! Don't push them away. Wow!
One more like this and i'm cutting you off!
i'm totally calm...there's no evidence of self-help here, so all i'm doing is steering him straight. a complaint about lack of instructions isn't exactly a technical issue, is it? is there anything in my post that isn't true, or is it just that it surprises people these days when someone expects someone else to do for themself?

understand that when i moderate, i look at the number of posts, where they were posted, and the quality of the posts...it seems to me that a lot of new (happy-time) folks could better spend their initial time here searching for basic H-T info, which we DO have in abundance.

and: there's a censoring issue here that's between me and the OP, he'll completely understand the message.
im sure your suggesting that i diddnt search. but i did. soo went to the links provided by the thread, and no offence but, they ******. all of them just re-directed me to to the main page. so i just went to one of the sponsor sites as mentioned in a previous post and i got what i was looking for. it turns out that i had my carb up-side down! lol oops. i dont know what a carb looks like and this is the first one i ever owned. thanks everyone!

and ill post some pics in another thread of my shcwinn moaped
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as you read new members have allot of problems with the search ,, it look to me that most new member are now spending more time reading then ever before , which is good and that was auge aim, read ,read, read

but when you have 3,500 threads and 35 ,000 post there only hope to find information is to search ,, and when the search come back with 400 threads and the search words don"t even show up in the return ,,what else can they do ,,

we should also understand that mbc is still growing and working out the bugs , hopefully search may improve with time ,, and thanks to auge and moderators ,that without them trying to keep things on topic we would have a total DISASTER ,, instead of 3,500 threads we have now ,,,we would have 10,000 threads TOTAL DISASTER

yes auge is tough and a mean man to tangle with ,, but he is not here running a popularity contest or a beauty contest ,he is running a very successful forum dealing with a very wide range of personality's ,,

makes me wonder ,,,, if he was running a beauty contest what member would be the winner ,???

O forgot beauty contest off topic
have a good day
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ok, 'samurai...i apologise if i was wrong about your efforts...it sure didn't look that way is all...searching (anywhere, web or local pc) is a skill that takes practice. use only "advanced"...there are many many options to refine a search, play with them to be pleasantly surprised.

yes, i know it's tough...mostly because of all the others before you who wouldn't take the time to find the relevant topic..."it is always better to post in an existing thread than to start a new one"...something you also had the choice to do, hence my irritation. i'm also a bit miffed that you won't self-censor, as MBc is declared "family-friendly" so that we can have youngsters browse with parent's approval. do you see the method to that madness? some parents may not want their children learning to say something ***** whenever they have a complaint or get frustrated, & personally i don't want them learning that practice thru MBc.

your complaint about the low quality of the majority of the search results is valid, but at the same time as you complained you also contributed to the problem. anyone searching "manual" in the future will also have this ****y (NOTE: i self-censor) topic to deal with. you see?

it would have been best to post your comments in something at the least semi-relevant instead of making matters worse.

also, it would be best if anyone joining MBc let the group know ahead of time about their skill level...all you've been posting before this is in performance/tweak topics...imo, waiting til now to mention you're a novice was a minor mistake in itself. posting topics about 40mph happy-times may mislead the group about your level.

look, this isn't personal...we have several hundred members and SEVERAL thousand posts to worry about. i used to worry about my popularity, until i realised i don't care if you like the online-me (i'm cute & cuddly in real life, and would surely win any beauty contest here ;)), i have responsibilities and i'll not be swayed from staying the course.