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  1. upful living

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    Well after receiving a royal run around since January, I am still waiting on my special order parts. So the Watha sits collecting dust. And I am sick of it! I need brakes!

    Any suggestions on where I can find a reasonable price on IN STOCK (key word) front drum brakes? I need 2. 1 now and 1 later. And I would like to spend $50-$80 dependent on condition/quality. I think the one I ordered was $75.

    Any suggestions?

    Apparently the manufacture of the one I had on order has been unreliable, and has no solid date on when more will be available. :8:

    I guess 2nd question, is a NEW coaster in the rear enough stopping power. I can't add brakes unless they are coasters, or drums. The bike just won't allow it.

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  2. echotraveler

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    ok you want the wheel with drum break..or just the drum break?

    cause my worksman drum is pretty sweet, but it comes with the wheel, and super thick spokes
  3. upful living

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    Hi Echo,
    Thanks for the thought.

    I like the workmans. They are super slick. But also look to set me back a pretty penny. I guess I am looking at $75 for the spokes and wheel build and $75 for the brake hub.

    So is a work man wheel about $150?

    Are they actually readily available. I was looking for some before I ordered this other part. And I couldn't find a solid source. Did you go to the manufacture?

  4. 5-7HEAVEN

    5-7HEAVEN Guest

    Here's what you do, and it'll cost you less than $75.

    Log onto bikeworldusa.com. Then buy their front and rear wheels with 12-gauge spokes and coaster brake for $56.

    Thennn, buy their front and rear side-pull caliper brakes for $16.

    My monster bike "The Dragon Lady" has what I've mentioned, altho I purchased them elsewhere.

    It allows me to stop the bike consistently from 38mph.

    Then when your brake drums arrive, keep these on the side as spares.

    Well worth the price, and you'll be riding next week.
  5. smitty

    smitty Guest

    I used Worksman wheels. They were not expensive. I think $325.00 for the pair delivered to the west coast, with a freewheel and brake cables. They did have to build them, cause they don't keep built wheels in stock.

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  6. upful living

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    Thanks for the info everyone.


    Not so awesome. The bike has no mounting holes for side pull caliper style brakes. It is a 50s cruiser. Meant for coaster only. Need to adapt more braking with what I have.

    Thanks for the idea though. As for the workman wheels $300 is a good deal. But right now I want to ride, and I only have about $100 to donate to the bike. So is a coaster safe for low traffic city driving?
  7. echotraveler

    echotraveler Member

    i wouldn't recomend using a coaster only....simply because the front break is used more ......

    but you could ride that thing! f it! just dont overdo it man.

    and, to get worksman just order directly from them...super nice wheels. heavy as they come...
  8. 5-7HEAVEN

    5-7HEAVEN Guest

    Still awesome.

    Take your measurements from the brake's pads up front to the mounting hole.:detective:

    :idea:Then use that measurement in the rear and drill the mounting hole.:devilish:

    If there's no gusset at the seatstay to drill, then position two steel mending plates crosswise where the hole SHOULD be.

    Then drill the mounting hole.

    It's that simple.
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  9. upful living

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    I wanted to take a picture of my fork. I honestly have thought through drilling a hole. But I don't think there is room for a stable, and secure brake mounting point.

    Do you think that I can adapt a newer fork onto an old frame. I was told once that you couldn't do that.

    If I could adapt a shock and disc brake front fork into this old bike that would be awesome.
  10. 5-7HEAVEN

    5-7HEAVEN Guest

    I believe you should be able to find a fork that should fit your bike frame.

    Are you saying that your front fork does not have the mounting hold for the side-pull caliper brake?
  11. Jack_M

    Jack_M New Member

    Front Drum Brake

    Here is the description of a front wheel with drum brakes from the Husky Bicycle web site :

    "26 x 2.125 wheel with Sturmey Archer model XFD aluminum drum brake hub. The wheel is built with 12-guage UCP spokes and the rim is chrome plated steel. The wheel comes complete with brake cable and housing, adjusting hanger/barrel, brake arm strap, and axle nuts."

    I just ordered one for $79.00 plus shipping.:D

    Here is the link:


    Search for Part Code: 500-219
  12. upful living

    upful living Member

    Thanks Jack.
    That is perfect. 12 gauge and everything. Thank you for sharing.
  13. HoughMade

    HoughMade Guest

    Please report back if you are able to get this wheel. I tried to order it over a year ago and was told they did not have any in stock and could not tell me if they ever would.
  14. Jack_M

    Jack_M New Member


    I will be happy to let you know when I receive the wheel.

  15. upful living

    upful living Member

    I just bought one too! So happy!!! I emailed their sales department and received a reply within 2 hours. The items I asked about were all in stock and available. Including this front wheel.
  16. Jack_M

    Jack_M New Member

    The wheel with the Sturmey Archer model XFD aluminum drum brake hub and the 12 gauge spokes arrived at my door today. It is an amazing deal as the bare hub sells for $45 to $65 on other web sites. I am very pleased with it.:grin5:
  17. upful living

    upful living Member