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    I just installed a Grubee 66cc kit to a Huffy Cranbrook bike. I am not able to get the rear sprocket aligned perfectly true. It does have a very slight wobble in it and looking at the design I believe even if I were to get it true once the bolts and rubber settled it would need further adjustment.

    I have seen some of these axle kits and was wondering if someone could give me a suggestion to one that would work for a Cranbrook. From the looks of them there is no rubber or aligning anything and the sprocket just bolts on.

    Also would I need a bike shop install any componets of one of these?

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    How slight is the wobble? Measure the wobble. I do not know what you can get away with, mine are maybe a 1/32 of an inch or less.
    You tighten the bolts progressively and spin the wheel watching for run out. ( An old fork that you spring out a bit to take the hub, mounted in a vise works great.) Tighten the place on the sprocket that is out the most.

    Why would you need a bike shop to do anything?
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    There's an alternative to the rag-joint sprocket mount on the following page:-

    Manic Mechanic Parts at Pirate Cycles

    You could contact them, Mike, to see if it will fit your hub.
    There are versions of the adaptor to suit several types.

    The best answer, if you have gears, is a shift kit from Sick Bike Parts - no chain on the LHS at all and you get to use the gears with the motor.

    ... Steve
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