I need help mounting a sprocket on my hub!

Discussion in 'Rack Mounted Engines' started by wolfgang123, Jun 27, 2009.

  1. wolfgang123

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    Ok guys so i plan to make 6.5hp rack-mounted speed MACHINE. i have planed everything out except how to mount a sprocket to my bike hub. Obviously i cant mount it to the spokes MAY TOO MUCH TORQUE. the only thing i can thing of short of welding an adapter plate to the hub is this...(see below)...which i like but i still am open to other options, as i just finished my push trailer like 4 hours ago and i am already starting something new. AHHHH.


    Thanks for the help

  2. Mountainman

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    hey wolf
    that looks to be a great ((strong)) way to go
    although I myself have not owned the clamp to spokes things
    many of my friends have them
    I don't care for the clamp to spokes
    and as you have mentioned
    with all of this ((get down and ride)) power you are going to have
    you will need ((the best))

    have fun with that strong sprocket set up fast riding THING
  3. wolfgang123

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    yea i was thinking it was the best way to go to but it is going to be like 50 dollars and it will only work with bikes that have the same hub size as the first on i ordeer it for. i also have to buy digital calipers to measure my hub which are like 30 dollars. thats 60 dollars plus motor plus frame parts. plus chain plus sprocket. ahh ow whell
  4. buy a hub that has a sprocket mounted on it already.
  5. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    who or where to ask ??

    who would you recommend cabin ??

    yes true -- take your time to look into all that's available
    other wise we end up with that -- oh shoot

    the WheelMaster here on site should know of most available
    or where to ask ??

  6. Porkchop

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    Harbor Freight has Digital calipers for as low as $18.00. I've had one of theirs for several years. No problems with it and I use it quite a bit. Comes in handy for a lot of things. I'm most likely going to use that hub and sproket system on my next bike.