I need help on understanding how to operate my motorized gas engine bike


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Jan 17, 2013
Bradenton, Florida
Hello, everyone. I need help and straight step by step clear and easy instructions on how to start up my motorized gas engine bike. I have a black Genesis Onex 29 inch bike with a new gas motor installed on it. It runs manually, meaning, it's not automatic. Can someone kindly give me all the help I need on showing me how to get my bike gas engine powered up? I need step by step instructions on how to do this so that I will be able to rid my bike and start up the engine without any problems and confusion. Do all bikes that have gas engines on them with a carburetor start up the same way? I would appreciate feedback on this as well. However, mainly, I just need someone that is knowledgeable enough to show me how I would start up my engine to ride my bike on the road with the motor running. Also, I need instructions on how to stop the engine finish riding my bike and what I need to do when I come to a complete stop at the traffic light in order to keep the engine from stalling out on me or stuttering, so that when it's time for me to move on when the traffic light shows green I can keep riding my bike with the motor running without any problems.

Lastly, which switch or lever do I turn to off when my bike is not in usage or is in storage at my home? Which switch or thing do I need to press down on when trying to turn gas to on and what is this part called that requires me to do this for my bike?

I would appreciate anyone's help who knows what their talking about. I just want to get the right information so I don't have to suffer anymore confusion on how to operate my motorized bike. Thanks.


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Feb 28, 2012

1. Pull choke lever up (the lever on the carby)

2. Hold clutch lever in so that the back wheel spins free

3. Pedal down the road

4. Release clutch and keep pedalling until engine fires

5. Accelerate and then push the choke lever down and off you go!

Traffic lights:

1. Pull clutch lever in so engine idles

2. Stop the bike using the brakes

3. [Green light] Start pedalling to get a little bit of speed and then release the clutch and accelerate


1. Stop the bike using the brakes and the engine will stall OR

2. Pull clutch lever in stop the bike then hit the kill switch


1. Turn gas tank tap to off position (90 degrees to the direction of the fuel line)