I need help please

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  1. Felipe perez s

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    You know where the magneto goes I actually hit it with a hammer were bolt goes I think I mest up the bearings ok I put everithing back and when I tried to started it wont turn on all the way and is very low I dont know what to do I still do not now I mest up the bearings does that effet while I turn it on is there any way to replace it and if yes how

  2. Big Red

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    Hit it with a WHAT?

    Hey Felipe, Welcome to M.B.c.
    So, you smacked your engine with a hammer and now it wont work right. REALLY? NO KIDDING?
    First of all, NEVER hit your crank end with a hammer. The crank is centered and balanced with bearings on each end. I dont know what to tell you now except tear it down, split the case and see what kind of damage you did. BUT, To tell the truth, I dont even really mess with them too much. It is about $50.00 for the complete bottom end and I usually just replace it. My time involved in rebuilding one is worth more to me than the $50. But then again, If you don't mind the learning experience, Go for it. This would be the time to upgrade all the internal parts on the unit.
    Hope I have been of some help. Perhaps some of the other people here will have more or better advice.
    Good Luck,
    Big Red.
  3. Felipe perez s

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    How much would you think it will cost to fix or where do they sell the bottom end so by hiting the bearings makes rhe motor not work propely
  4. Big Red

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    No Hammer.

    Hey Felipe, Big Red again.
    I don't know FOR SURE if you ruined your bottom end or not. I've never hit a crank end with a hammer. If you knocked your crank off to one side, I think it would make the piston rod in turn push the piston hard against one side of the cylinder wall. I think the easiest way to find out is to take the head off and inspect the cylinder wall and piston clearance. If the piston it not centered in the cylinder then you have a problem. If so, and you want to chance it, "AS A LAST RESORT" hit it on the other side to knock it back. (use a rubber mallet.) I think otherwise, Rebuild or replace.
    But BEFORE you do any of that, Make sure there's nothing else wrong. Make sure your carborator is not clogged up with stuff. Check for air leak's along your intake. Be sure your getting a strong spark, Those cdi units are good for going bad. Replace the spark plug that came with the engine, They are junk. After you do all that, Then inspect your cylinder and piston.
    I do this all day long on my workbench, I've just never tried to "tell" someone how to do it in a forum. And please, NO MORE HAMMERS.
    If you wind up replacing it there are a lot of good suppliers of engine parts. If you want the cheap $50. bottom end just go to e-bay and type in BICYCLE ENGINE. Thats what I do becouse it's cheap and easy. I think BOYGOFAST has the $50. bottom end and they ship fast. (I think shipping was $20. on that.)
    Anyway, GOOD LUCK. I hope things work out for you.
    Big Red.
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    hit it with a hammer all you like but dont you dare touch my car with a shifter you filthy swine! :p

    hit it where bolt goes.
    need clarification. which bolt?

    start it doesnt turn on and is too low


    so youve got it going? its struggling to rev? um? disculpeme? or the bolt doesnt go on and is too low?

    now im confusing myself :thinking:

    im sorta of the feeling youve smacked the coil and its shifted and hitting the rotor, or you actually got the magneto off and put it on backwards.. but with a bad description and no pics all i can suggest is describing the problem in more detail, and or include pictures....

    *plays homicidal maniac with his evertrusty slug hammer :jester: *
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  6. Felipe perez s

    Felipe perez s New Member

    need help

    If I buy a new bottom motor end to replaced the one I have do I need other new parts
  7. Lazieboy

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    I dont think so, it would'nt hurt to get extra gaskets. or anything else due to shipping costs.
  8. Felipe perez s

    Felipe perez s New Member

    Quick question

    Is it hard to replace the bottom end mottor does the bottom end mottor from ebay come with the piston
  9. HeadSmess

    HeadSmess Well-Known Member

    undo four cylinder stud bolts, pull cylinder...whats no longer attached is the bottom end!

    no piston. thats sold as a piston. sometimes with rings even.

    its still easier and cheaper to get an entire new engine, THEN fiddle with the one you have now...
  10. Lazieboy

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    Ya get a new kit thats what i did. lots of extra parts so when the next thing breaks down.