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  1. I suspect that my ignition timing is so screwed up that my spark plug isn't firing. How do I adjust the ignition timing? I have a China made 49cc 2 stroke engine. I have played around with all 4 woodruff keys. All I know is that I pedal and the engine won't fire at all.

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    Make sure you didn't install your magnet upside down, which is the only way the timing can be messed up. Install it with it looking like the first image, you can rotate it to make it align with the key hole but the initial position is keyway at 1 o'clock

    If it's at 11,or to the left of vertical when the 2 flats are horizontal then its upside down. See picture.
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    unscrew the 4 screws holding the stator coil on
    and scrape away the shellac where the screws washers will touch.
    That way there is clean metal to metal contact there.
    It is of utmost importance because that is the ground path for the spark.

    If that don't fix it then replace the stator coil.
  4. Ok. I also not getting a spark and the piston is moving less when rolling forwards than when i roll it backwards. Any ideas?
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    slipping clutch