Centrifugal i need help with a centrifugal clutch

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    Ive been reading the posts andi need to ask some questions out to anyone who has and uses a centrifugal clutch kits

    1)how much extra width do they need on the clutch side to clear the cranks?

    2) I have 7/8" extra clearance to work with. The cover that comes with the kit seems to be deeper than it needs to be to cover the cetrifugal clutch. if the system exceeds 7/8", does it look like i could make a shallower centrifugal clutch cover to fit it in??

    3) the pull start doesnt really go with the look im going for,

    my triumph1.jpg

    how tough is it to start the motor by pedaling? Because i have a SBP shift kit, and the rear wheel "freewheels" will i still be able to start the motor with just the momentum of the pedals?

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    If you do not have the clearance than you can buy offset peddle arms. If you try t make the cover smaller than it will hit the clutch as it turns. I find it realy hard to peddle start my bike with the shift kit instaled, it works but you realy have to push hard
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    i wasnt aware SBP sold offset pedal arms. can you send me a link?
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