I need help with my throttle, possibly carb.



a lil polishing might be all that's called for...can you see any high spots on the slide that need work? also, i recall someone saying something about a slide being out of round, maybe that's it?



Re: grit ?

azkronic said:
the barrel of my new throttle was so tight I had to gently pry it out today :( Can someone tell me what grit I should use to smooth it up with ? I have some 1500 but suspect that would just polish it or is that the idea ?
Make a "tube" of 400-600 grit wet or dry (black stuff) and turn the slide a few times, clean it off, then check your fit. You don't want to remove any more material than you need to. If you do, it will suck air and cause the engine to run lean.

When you put it back for running, use a drop of Marvel Mystery oil or 3-in-1 oil.

Don't use pliers or anything metal on a slide.... :p


fixed it

I got my trottle working good now. I sanded the handlebars, the inside of the plastic grip, and sanded the cylinder that slides up and down in the carb. It's working great now.


Oct 26, 2008
Maybe this is too obvious, but I had the same problem when my knee hit the throttle cable where it comes out of the hand grip. Straightening it by hand fixed it, but it did take a few minutes to figure what had happened. Of course this had to happen in rush-hour traffic.


Aug 8, 2008
check the brass pin in the carb cylinder . the barrel has a groove , the pin guides the barrel , sometimes that pin gets moved , Ive seen it pushed all the way in. and sometimes out to far . if its out too far it will cause your barrel to stick if its in too far your barrel will spin which could cause binding on the throttle cable , there is a hole on the outside of the carb that houses the pin most of the time . you can use your smallest Allen to put it where it needs to be . so the barrel rides smooth but still has the guide. my photobucket is down right now i have a picture if you want one , its behind the fuel shut off valve the pin goes all the way through .if you have to adjust it remove the fuel valve first . they break easy if you apply presure to it . and thats a new carb if you dont have a parts carb laying around.
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Jun 15, 2008
seems to be a common problem with tight sliding action in the HT carbs
some real fine emory paper -- is all that should be needed
unless slide is bent
or casting inside of carb is off

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