i need help



i need help with my bike i was ridin and my chain got stuck some how in the engine sprocket but when i unscrewded the engine sprocket cover some form the center on the engine sprocket came cylinder in shape like a inch long could some one tell what that thing is and if it need to be repaired thanks for anything


I think everything is normal. That cylinder thing sounds like the post that pushes your clutch in. Nothing really holds it in place unless the cover is on, so it can fall out when you remove the cover. Just slip it back into the center of the sprocket (you should probably cover it in grease first) and put the cover back on, and everything should be fine.

If you have a hard time getting the cover back on, check the position of the clutch arm. You want to make sure the clutch lever on your handlebars is open, as if you were riding it with the motor on.