I Need Low End Powerr Hellp Please

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by wackey101, Jan 12, 2011.

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    hey every one as you probly know i need low end power i got a 44t sprocket wich i like i got good enough top end but somtimes bogss on low end im looking for cheap simple mods every thing is stock my motor but these:
    air filter cover hase got 4 extra holes
    changed spark plug to ngk bp6hl
    once i did that it defiantly helped but i still need more im thinking of taking the baffle out of my muffler but really i dont want to cause it will get too loud i hhow loud it is already is it really worth talking the baffle out would it make a big diffrence my bike tops out 43kmh/27 miles hat going that fast cause i dont want to damage anything iv only done it twice before i did lil mod and after cause im still breaking in my engine i know i shouldent but i couldent resist but ever to do it again but hellp my main question should i remove affle is it worth it and how louder does it really go

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    The air filter cover isn't a good mod - and especially not if you cut the baffle. There's too much flow and it will cut out. I'm telling you this from experience.

    I have removed my baffle, but I'm on an old style exhaust. Cut 5 inches off of it, it doesn't sound so much like a weed eater anymore and helps a bit with performance, but it cuts out at high rpm on 44t. Since going 36t, it hasn't cut out, but also it hasn't topped out yet, which is why I'm jetting. If you have a catalytic exhaust, the baffle won't make a lick of difference because of it's design.

    This was suggested the other day. On an old style exhaust drill a hole on your tip. That will give a similar effect as chopping your baffle, but if you don't like it you can plug it with a nut bolt and washers.

    I think you actually need some more resistance in your exhaust to compensate for the air filter mod. Consider picking up a catalytic exhaust, they have more resistance, that or seal your extra air filter holes and try the exhaust hole idea.

    Last suggestion which I won't have experience to share with until this weekend when I get it and install it is rejetting the carb. Just getting a bigger jet will give you better performance from what I've been told.


    This is where I was talking about where I've mentioned similar things.
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    thnx i might drill today and do what you consided
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    removing the baffle will only give you an increase in top end power. actually a little restrictive exhaust will give you more bottom end power because of the backpressure.
    the cheapest way to get more bottom end is to go with a bigger rear sprocket.
    you can go from a 44 tooth to a 50 tooth and you will notice a difference in bottom end torque. however you will lose some of the top end speed.
    if you want an air filter upgrade, get yourself a k&n style air filter. You can find them on e-bay for about $12.00 but they are listed for pocket bikes.
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    With the 5 inches cut, I've got much higher immediate acceleration, but without the restriction, I've lost some of my top end.