I need more info on this Mitsubishi T50 trimmer engine

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  1. landuse

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    Hi there. I just got a Mitsubishi T50 trimmer for free. It is an older Mitsubishi model. I would like to know how many cc's this little thing is if anyone knows, and any other details about it

    I have tried to google as much as I can, but I just cannot find how big it is.

    Does anyone know this engine?

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  2. landuse

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    I opened the clutch housing, and the drum is pretty small, roughly the 54mm. When I looked past the clutch shoes into the engine, I saw a circular stamp with the number 26 in it, so I am not too sure if that means 26cc or what.

    I also thought it was a tl50 before I got it, and was pretty exited about getting a 50cc engine, but no luck. I did see a few vids on youtube where someone had a T170 I think it was. It looked just like mine, but just bigger. The starter housing was the same metal look and everything.

    It does have a walbro carb though. I have included the pics. Can someone maybe tell me how to set the idle and adjust the carb properly, cos it just doesn't want to idle.
    Sometimes googling just gets you nowhere.....

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  3. loquin

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    Is the fuel fresh? For an older mitsubishi, you're probably looking at 32:1 ratio.

    Also check that the spark-screen in the exhaust is either removed, or if not, that it's not clogged.
  4. Happy Valley

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    Do you know the brand? Can't say for sure but I'm thinking it might be an Echo.
    Sometimes you can find the manuals through the trimmer brand.

    I have a Mitsubishi T-200 that is 40.7cc and makes 2.5 HP. It's a real screamer, pre-TLE style with the NIKKI slide bowl carb. It's the same engine that Dave Staton says he did 50MPH with on a closed track once.

    It was used on a heavy duty Snapper brush cutter and I was able to trace the model to them and found PDFs of the shop service and overhaul manual with complete exploded views and parts list. Parts are still available, some times listed under Meiki or Mitsubishi Meiki.
  5. landuse

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    Thanks loquin. Yes, the fuel is fresh. I haven't looked for a spark screen yet, but I will do that this weekend. I took the carb apart last night and gave it a clean, but I think I might need to get a rebuild kit for the thing.

    You are also right about the fuel ratio. On the fuel cap it says 30:1

    Thanks Happy Valley. I will do a search on Echo and see what I come up with. I think the T-200 that you have is a larger model of mine. Both are definately pre TLE

    I am thinking of using this engine on a friction drive, but I thought I would get as much info on it first before I ruin a good trimmer that I could potentially use around the house.

    I have added a few pics of when I took the carb apart

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  6. landuse

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    So I scored another brushcutter today. This one is a chinese knock-off. A no-name brand. Googling it I found that it is a 43cc engine with a clutch. It runs really well.

    I think I am going to use this engine for a friction drive bicycle that I have been thinking of doing for a while. The other trimmer will be overhauled and used for what it was originally intended.

    Does anyone have any info or advice with this engine?

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  7. Happy Valley

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    Looks like the Huasheng engine sometimes referred to a Mitsubishi TLE clone but copy is a better word. (no engine scavenging system). They came both 43cc and 49cc and basically looked the same outside. It's good that the cutter you have just has the standard 4 bolt pattern to the clutch, no integral plastic housing to deal with and easy to re-purpose to your needs.

    Here's a link with parts stateside:
  8. landuse

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    Can anyone maybe send me a link to a new or used clutch drum that I could maybe buy. Over here in South Africa they are so expensive that they are not worth me getting. I had a look on ebay, but I also wasn't too sure what I should be looking for. Everyone sells clutch drums according to make and model. I just want a universal 76mm clutch drum

    I know I am asking you guys to do the work for me, but I really am not too sure what to look for.
  9. Happy Valley

    Happy Valley Active Member

    The drum is usually called 78mm, the shoes 76mm. There are a lot of universal parts that might work but they come in different shaft sizes and threads depending on how you plan to use it.. Might be cheaper locally without shipping. Here's a couple low cost drums, US$12 and $16, never did business with them so cannot vouch for the sellers. The better machined drums usually will cost more than the stamped ones.

    (scroll down)



    Also, check this page for different size shafts and threads.
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  10. landuse

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    Thanks again Happy Valley. I will look into that. I am not too sure what shipping will be, but I will have a look. Clutch drums here are about $60.
  11. jumpin joe

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    To adjust a T-50 engine you have two adjusting screws on the side of the carb. You also have 1 idle screw(press on throttle handle and look at the carb for screw location) adjustment on the other side of carb. You use a flat head screwdriver to adjust all while its running. adjust the idle screw out 1/4 turn to left until u reach desired idle, but that is only after u have the other two fuel adjustment screws on other side of carb adjusted correctly for it to crank and run. you just have to set aside an hour or so to play with it. I payed a dollar for mine and put 40 into it. (gas tank and trimming head)