i need new head bolt studs

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by zetti_the_man, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. zetti_the_man

    zetti_the_man Member

    8mm X 1.25pitch X 5 inches. i need the hookup

  2. pedalpower

    pedalpower Member

    www.mcmaster.com hooked me up with 6m x1 I'm sure they have the 8m. 10.8 steel would be nice but I only found 8.8 (whatever that means)
  3. fastboy9

    fastboy9 Member

    thats what you get for running nitromethanol! Your better off buying yourself some M6 threaded rod, then cut it to size, that way you have some spare for exhaust/ mounting studs.

  4. zetti_the_man

    zetti_the_man Member

    i dont need m6 skinny lil studs. i need the fat m8 or 8mm. the nitro isnt to blame it's myself. i bought new nuts for the head and they stripped my studs.. i found new ones already. i called a local motor cycle shop he refferd me to livefastmotors.com.
    i'm gettin the hookup.
  5. pedalpower

    pedalpower Member

    Part Number: 99055A125

    4.76/meter $7 for delivery
    not bad
    they probably have bolts, lock nuts etc.

    I'm sure livefast can hook you up as well.
  6. zetti_the_man

    zetti_the_man Member

    nice. i'll proly get one of those too. thanks buuuhdy