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  1. fasjake

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    I was looking at the gt6 pro racing kit on gasbikes. Looks snazzy, but i am a complete newbie to the hobby so im not quite sure what to look for. Any opinions or comments about the kit would be appreciated. Also open to suggestions of other kits.

  2. crassius

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    me too, been looking for new kit supplier for over a month : (

    many good suppliers have gone out of business

    if building for yourself, you can start with most any kit and fix or replace bad parts as needed, as a repair shop, I need to know stuff will work right every time
  3. fasjake

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    I hear ya. The bikes i build fetch a pretty high price partially because every part is as high quality or ornate as can be found. At the risk of sounding arrogant...nothing but the best for my cycles.
  4. JunkyardDog

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    Many suppliers are probably going out of business because many states are outlawing motorized bikes. What was originally an idea to make it easy to get around without using a car/truck has gone completely wacko. 9 out of 10 MB riders are breaking the law, many in several different ways at the same time. Reckless riding, and especially speeding are giving legislators a lot of ammunition to justify getting rid of motorized bike laws. Car drivers, pedestrians, and pedal bike riders all consider them a nuisance, and in many cases downright dangerous. I canceled my plans to build a new bike because I keep hearing bad news about MB riders and laws in the news. We have a very strong anti MB lobby, and they will eventually win. And things like gt6 pro racing kits are to blame. MB laws do not allow racing bikes. Riders flaunt the law with impunity. What was intended as a low cost means of transportation has gotten completely out of control.
  5. Frankenstein

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    Well gasbike isn't the best idea as far as sellers go, they will probably be one of the last standing sellers when too many laws get passed against motorized bikes because A: they really couldn't care less about the customer and B: because they couldn't care less it pretty much liberates them from the law acting against them because they would become more of an underground market where the buyer has no choice but to accept the options available to them because everyone else went out of business.

    Best bet is to find the cheapest kit from the most reliable seller. Because every kit Is basically the same it doesn't matter too much who you get it from, but if something is wrong at least the seller will help correct what's wrong. Then you can modify the parts to your needs (definitely look at jaguar's site he's like numeral uno on info) so you can ride like you want.

    That being said try to realize that safety is secondary to speed. You can of course roll through stop signs or even stop lights if you want but at what cost? Installing bright noticeable lights and even turn signals considerably reduces the chances of being bothered by police. Sure you might be illegal but if you put enough effort into being safe and understood on the road then they will probably care less what you do. Drive stupid and sh*t and of course your asking to.be pulled over legal or not, not legal is just even more reason for them to dick you around but remember you asked for it.

    I'll add I was pulled over only one single time, let off with not even something that could be considered a warning, and it just so happened I didn't have working lights or turn signals because the system shorted out on me.

    Otherwise police haven't even batted an eye at me other than to comment on how cool my bike was.

    Wear a helmet too it makes you appear more responsible and keeps your brain inside your body during unexpected incidents.
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  6. libranskeptic

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    The reason we must now have so many laws is we no longer effectively shun the ill mannered in our communities. Rudeness is so prevalent, it seems futile anyway.

    Laws throw the baby out with the bathwater, but its a partial solution, funded via fines. Sadly inevitable when so many take pride in being in your face overpowered, loud etc.

    Sad thing is, large folks do need a bit extra power, but they will be excluded from such benign assistance.

    We shouldnt encourage the rev head philosophy here. Nothing happens in a vacuum. There will be repercussions for us all.
  7. Frankenstein

    Frankenstein Well-Known Member

    It's the disrespect of the law and common safety that throws the baby out, not the law itself. The law exists in many places but many people are let go because they follow logical rules to ensure they are riding safely. Then you have places where the law is heavily enforced because nearly everyone is breaking safety laws and putting themselves and others at risk of harm or damage. These 2 sides can happen in the same state (i hear Philly is pretty tough on motorized bikers, meanwhile in Erie you get pulled over only for breaking traffic laws.)

    I definitely need the larger 66 variety of motors, and while it's technically illegal to use it it doesn't seem to be a problem around here if it's one or the other. Obviously I'm decked out to be seen and I use turn signals and have 2 mirrors, I know how to use them and I do use them. Other people drive like retards and get their bike impounded. Funny enough a person who was known to drive without regards to traffic laws had his bike stolen. Well he filed a report and they found his bike but impounded his bike and gave him a list of fines from all his bad driving and they had the city traffic cams to prove his guilt. Stupid is what stupid does.

    I agree that we shouldn't encourage the overpowered high speed mentality. I can encourage speed as a basis of need however, if you are traveling commonly on roads where cars will be driving 30 mph then it's a good idea to tune your bike to be capable of keeping up and upgrading brakes to stop just as quickly as a car. If you have hills then adjusting as needed to be able to climb hills with a good speed is also important. At some point or another you'll realize that a well tuned and powerful motor is what is needed to keep up with traffic. What you decide to do with it is on you. It's honestly no different than something like a car with a ztek engine, people love those motors because you can remove nearly every regulation sensor and governor in it and create a dangerously powerful motor that fits into a very small and light vehicle. While it's illegal to drive it with it burning so much fuel and basically laughing in the face of the epa people still do it. If they decide to race in it on the public road that's up to them. If they are still alive when inspection comes around they can simply reinstall the sensors or governors and pass or take it to their buddy's friends cousin's registered inspection station and be in and out in 10 minutes with a pass sticker.

    What I'm trying to get at is the law isn't a problem whatsoever, police and sheriffs regularly look the other way because it's so convenient to do so when there is logically no problem with the situation. It's when you get out of control do they pay attention and decide what to do about it because it's for the best that dangerous people should be off the roads. And yes,they are enforcers of the law and they will toss everything in the book at you to ensure you won't keep being a problem. If anything the over abundance of laws is actually a fantastic way to allow leos to hand pick who they are removing from the road at their discretion, and since I trust they will be doing what's in the best interest for their community I'm fine with the laws existing, because I know that if I'm behaving in a safe manner then I really have nothing to worry about.
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    Well, this certainly got far off topic. I am an avid cyclist and know my laws and road etiquette. Here in michigan motorized bikes follow the same rules of non motorized bicycles(under 49cc), with the exception of not riding on the ocassional trail that has banned the use of anything with a motor. The reason im looking into a motor kit is because my current bike project looks empty without a motor(see picture). All my bikes are built as show bikes and are only ridden during demonstration at shows. I have no plans of being the foolish mb rider who thinks he's straddling a 1000cc motorcycle or that rules do not apply to him.

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  9. Frankenstein

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    Reflective tape is a nice add on, I played with it on a couple bikes, honestly that bike looks like it would hold a 4 stroke fairly well and it would look nice the reduced sound and vibration would be a good selling/show point as well.

    Unfortunately a 2 stroke is actually pretty tiny, and dropping it in that frame would look more awkward and afterthoughtish unless you jackshaft it to add more meat and complexity to the image I think you want in the bike.
  10. Frankenstein

    Frankenstein Well-Known Member

    Oh and if it's fixed gear you will have to install a freewheel in the crank or the rear hub if going direct drive with a left side chain.

    If you go left side direct drive maybe build up a nice muffler with Banana style expansion chamber and that could fill up the space appropriately. Custom make a in fame tank rather than mounting to the outside.

    Or go walking dead style, when they designed Darryl's motorcycle seen in the latest seasons they filled the empty space in the frame with a leather or canvas bag and it looked so good it stayed.
  11. FurryOnTheInside

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    So what on earth is a "show bike"? It sounds heartbreaking. And why does it need a race engine and why does anyone's opinion of the kit matter if you are planning to never race or even ride the poor thing?
    Couldn't you just get a stock eBay Crappy Time engine and paint it yourself to look snazzy?
    Or the four stroke engine suggested by Frankenstein. I think that is a good idea. From an aesthetic perspective. Which I am still shaking my head at, lol.
  12. fasjake

    fasjake New Member

    I wasn't too keen on the reflective strip on the tires at first, but they have grown on me.... the strip is actually a part of the tire. I am building another board tracker that is getting a honda cbr250r engine for myself. The one in the picture is going to shows until sold.
    I have though about the lack of space that will be used with a 49 or 66cc kit and have come up with a few solutions(and am definitely open to ideas). My reason for sticking with the smaller engine on this one is so whoever buys it can use it. In the case of the tracker i am building for myself, it can only be used on a track or closed coarse.

    a "show bike" in the case of my bikes are bikes built to look and function great. Alot of my bikes dont see alot of riding time until they are sold. I go to alot of car, motorcycle, and bike shows as well as a local weekly classic bicycle meet.
  13. libranskeptic

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    I imagine it helps if you are white :(.

    I dont disagree with your points, but if its good law, why enforce it arbitrarily? Making an ass of the law (laws honored largely in the breach) is a slippery slope for a society. Think prohibition or recreational drugs.

    Here in Oz, a big sparsely populated country (driving age 17yo), which could probably benefit from them more than most, petrol bikes are banned outright. With the stroke of a pen, folks who bought kosher petrol bikes, found their investment useless.

    The biggest proponents of this were brethren cyclists, urban latte set cyclists, who clearly can cope with harleys, big rigs, lawn mowers..., but not a ~50cc bike motor.

    Torque aside, 700w is very decent on an ebike. A 25cc honda gx25 does over that.

    Fundamentally, it is not a policemans job to interpret the law. Thats pakistan u r thinking of.

    For example, a policeman now has reasonable excuse to pull over any motorised bike and throw his weight around, no matter how benign the riders road manners and machine.

    Of course some discretion to save expensive legal fuss has its good points, just saying.
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  14. KCvale

    KCvale Motorized Bicycle Vendor

    Stick with quality kits like real Skyhawk kits like http://www.bicycle-engines.com/ and stay the heck away from the crap gasbike sells.
    B-E sells genuine EPA approved kits.
    Everything else is not and all these vendors trying to import illegally are finding their shipments seized by customs and going under.
  15. MotorBicycleRacing

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    Really? Name me just two States that have recently outlawed motorized bicycles and link to a
    website that proves this.
    You are making this up.
    Florida has made a legal path to riding a motorized bike fairly recently.

    What is just one State(s) that has recently outlawed motorized bicycles?
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  16. KCvale

    KCvale Motorized Bicycle Vendor

    'Motorized Bicycle' legally means any motorizing type, not just 2-stroke so its not state laws, it's the EPA and Customs.
    The 2-stroke bike engine companies that can't even sale their 2-strokes at home because they are illegal in China because of pollution and folding up operations of 2-stroke bike engines.

    Hence why I have moved more toward 4-stroke and Electric the last year ;-}