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    So im going for a new kit very soon and it seems as if all the suppliers that i know of are out of stock except for a few kit. so i need all of your opinoins on this engine. here is the link to it. http://www.kingsmotorbikes.com/product_3186_detailed.htm is this a good vendor? and can someone list some more vendors for me?

    anyhow im just looking for a good reliable engine kit and this seems like it is. ive read about mods i should do before installing and i will any help appreciated.

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    Best thing I can tell you is do a search on "kingsmotorbikes" "kings motorbikes". Out of the box I feel they are all about the same. Me..everyone I've bought (5) on Fleabay. I have not had any trouble after the first one (bad magneto, blown headgasket, and a defective after market head gasket that ruined my jug and piston). No trouble after I did the mods to them. Been riding since 3/2009. Not a every day commuter, just a toy.
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    yeah to sum it up ,basically these engines are all about the same.
    No matter who you buy ut from, it's a **** shoot.
    you may get a good one, you may get a bad one, it;s just the luck of the draw.
    I too have bought engine kits off e-bay (4 so far) and I have not had one bit of trouble out of any of them. sometimes the thing about buying from a big name dealer v.s. e-bay is that you give up customer service for a lower price when buying off e-bay.
    But as long as you get a good one right out of the box, you'll be ok.
    they are easy enough and cheap enough to fix that to me, it;s no big deal to work on them
    But in the other context, when you buy somethign brand new you expect it to work and be good right out of the box, so when someone gets a bad one, i can understand their frustration. And then if you get a vendor who will not stand behind what they sell, it makes it all the more frustrating.
    so really there's no way to say "yes, buy this one" or "No, don't buy that one."
    it's just a roll of the dice and it depends on how much money you want to spend.
    the sellers / vendors do not manufacture any of these 2 stroke engines, they are just drop shippers / distributors.

    the first engine kit I bought off e-ab was about 4 years ago, and it was $115.00 total for the whole kit AND shipping.
    prices have gone up quite a bit over the past couple of years, but you can still get engine kits fairly cheap if you shop around.

    In my opinion these were really made as toys or a novelty, not to be daily transportation....they just won't last that long or take the abuse of every day commuting for very long.
    true some people do use them for every day transportation but these are the ones who have the most problems and have stuff breaking all the time.
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    ive done 3 years of daily riding on mine sure it does break sometimes but it sure outweighs the cost of repairing the car i used to have lol .

    saying that sometimes you can get a freak engine too which seems tojust take it and others just dont cut it (like my second one which died 1000km after installing it ) which is identical to the old one in looks that is.
  5. HeadSmess

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    all the same :)

    except the 66's...which i always advise to leave alone!

    the only engine that was a lemon from the word go. it was an ebay job that should have been a 48 but obviously wasnt...

    everything else...theres the odd issue, but my first did 5000 at least, the current one has 2500 plus on it now, and other than when my mounts went awol, hasnt had a problem :)

    same time ive had one or two that blew up after a week... but i was nasty to them, and they do say in all the books "use NEW wrist pin clips" when removing the piston.
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    Definitely not reliable. You can't pick the cheapest manufacturer on the market and expect reliability.
  7. HeadSmess

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    you also cant pick the most expensive on the market and expect reliability either!

    yes, a broken down ferrari makes me laugh so hard! and helping someone push start their lambo cus the starter died a few weeks back was slightly amusing... and as for the "challenger" and what was the other shuttle that popped? :jester:
    yet my chinese thumpster i found on the side of the road and leave out in the rain starts first kick everytime :)