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    Okay, I'm a pretty large guy 300lbs, I am going to buy a new bike tonight, just from Canadian Tire lol, nothing fancy, 300-400max$

    Basically i'm going to buy the heftiest bike I can get with the largest tires because my limited knowledge of things leads me to believe it will hold more weight with larger tires....

    I will probably go with suspension but maybe not.

    I am stuck on what engine to get.....

    The Gold Eagle engine kits look sweet but will be like 800$ canadian probably.

    And As I mentioned i'm a BIG GUY and they only come in 35 cC (4 stroke) and 40cc 2 stroke. personally I prefer 4 stroke no messing with oil mixtures etc.

    But 35 cc isn't going to move a guy like me is it? lol.....I'm going to be using it for flat, country roads mostly and want to not have to peddle while on flat ground or slight grades...........

    I need something reliable.....easy to set up since i'm a mechanically challenged.

    Can someone help me here? Is 35, 40 cc really going to move me? lmao

    and, what type of bike should i go for, I want something comfortable since I am disabled and in alot of pain all the time. I dont have to have suspension, I kind of like rigid bikes i find suspension takes alot of energy out of pedalling and puts it into the suspension and is mushy...with suspensionless bikes, the pedalling goes right to the chain and is solid, less mushy and I can go faster further....

    So I want a comfortable bike, with large tires.............

    What should i look out for while shopping for pretty generic bikes, and what type of engine do i get...

    What will move the fat man? lol

    I plan to pedal alot but I need the engine incase I get stuck somewhere far off in the country in the heat, I am in pretty bad shape and already cheated death twice in the past 2 years, with pulmonary embolisms at age 22 and 23 I'm 24 now, and my lungs are scarred very badly, the Radiologist who read my latest CT scan said my lungs were mottled with scars and looked like someone who had severe respiratory disease :(

    Also my lungs dont expand normally anymore, they only go about 50% of the way open, I get 98% oxygen which is great but I feel choked all the time due to the feeling of tightness. Imagine breathing half a breath all day long, everyday of your life for years. and every breath you get a knife stabbing feeling in your chest.....Anyone who has had Pleurisy knows some of what I'm talking about

    I also have a severe blood disorder where I don't clot (how the heck does a guy get clots when he doesnt clot)? who knows, it's messed up.....

    Last year I wiped out on my bike and badly fractured my shoulder, not the actual long bone, the round part that goes into the joint, I broke it badly and it is off by 1 cm, so I experience very bad pain in that arm. I'm worried i will have an accident again and land on that same shoulder or worse hit my head badly and die of internal bleeding due to my disorder. Can't get surgery to fix my bone either cuz I bleed too badly.

    My helmet saved my life last time, I hit my head and face very hard on the sidewalk going about 40km/h, bike hit sidewalk and , i flew into a telephone pole and crawled to a house and called an ambulance loll.. so I need a stable safe bike and reliable engine.

    So please hook me up with (low-medium range bike) suggestions and engine suggestions and discuss the power of the engines and if they will move me....

    I am really in bad shape this year and I need to have a way to get around so I can have some quality of life besides laying in bed watching television alone gaining weight and overdosing on pain meds because i'm so out of shape.

    HELP ME!!!!

    thank you!!!

    sorry for all the info, probably way too much but what the heck, now you know me a bit more.


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    My choice of bike would be a used quality front suspension mountain bike, like Trek, Diamondback, Giant, Gary Fisher. Buy one on craigslist in good shape for $200 or less.

    There are so many kits to choose from. Since you're mechanically challenged, I'd suggest a BMP friction drive, 1.25" roller and 2 hp Titan 48cc 4-stroke engine.

    This would be an excellent start with quality parts, costing less than $600, including the bike.
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    Where to get the kit you mentioned? thx
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