I need some help finding a Push Bike

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Vanoush, Jun 15, 2013.

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    Okay so basically I've spent that last 1-2 days trying to look for this nice looking Harley/mountain bike. I think I'm going crazy trying to look for it so can someone please post some pictures of some Bikes that kinda look like this.


    But the handle bars are straight. It's a little bigger so i can put an engine on it. I want to start building my own Moped Bikes, I recently bought my own Pre-Made Moped Bike but now I really want to know these bikes i want to learn and make one myself so if one of you can find the Bike I'm looking for it would be great.


    This is the Motorbike Version but I would like it in push bike form. I know i might be pushing it but i can't wield on my own. (It's the 3rd one down)

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    GT LTS1-6

    :) oh my i want one!
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    and as for this, iunno what he was on, but still...it does look interesting! and comes with a rack :)

    full rearlink.jpg