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    I'm trying to change the gearing in my mini bike and the sprocket and chain (#35 chain) I bought for my rear tire (that costed me 81$) do not fit the worn original engine sprocket. The engine sprocket has an 18 tooth sprocket with a six point spline that I do not know the size number. The only replacement sprocket that I can find is a #410 sprocket. The number #35 and the #410 pitchs are only one fraction from being the same size pitch and I was wondering if that would work, if not where would I find one that would work. I will give you guys the link to the store were the replacement sprocket is http://www.scooterparts4less.com/web_gas/Motor_Gear_Sprocket.htm thanks for any help you guys can give.

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    #35 should be a 3/8in pitch, while 410 should be 1/2in pitch - no way
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