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Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by allboy, Aug 9, 2009.

  1. allboy

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    I'm looking to add a 2 stroke (frame mounted) to my mountian bike. I'm not sure of it will fit my current bike. i think its an 18 in. bike. Does anyone know the dementions you need to fit a frame mounted bike? If this wont fit, does anyone know of a used bike I could find that will work?

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    Hey Allboy..Eno (Down Under)..most diamond frame bikes are an easy fit for the 2 strokes..go to the Photo Gallery and check out the builds and sizes..good luck..Eno (Oz)
  3. allboy

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    Not sure what a "diamond frame bike" is?
  4. ENO

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    Diamond Frame

    Hey Allboy..Most mountain bikes, usually the mens sizes, and not those with extra cross bars and suspension beams running through the space where the motor should go, have the "Diamond" shape where the motor would fit in. I dont think you could fit out an 18 inch due to the limited space... Again, check out the Photo Gallery to see what works and what size bikes can be fitted etc..Good Luck..PS. Dont worry about how many questions you have to ask as most of us had to do the same when we started our builds..see ya Eno (Oz)
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    also called the front triangle. (where the engine mounts)
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    I tried to install on a 1999 Trek 820, but the down tube was way to wide. (45mm), and the Grubee Gen II fits up for a 35mm. So I tried the Sick Bike front engine mount, but it doesn't work with the Grubee Gen II either. (the Sick Bike mount is set for 1.6", between the stud centerlines. Where as the Gen II is near 2"). There was clearance on the 18" frame to fitup the engine, but the dang downtubes were way to large. And I wasn't planning to drill a center hole into an AL frame....

    I punted, and found a 1990 Schwinn Cro-Moly framed MTB via Craigslist for $25.00. The down tube was 35mm, and the engine mounted up just fine.

    just food for thought....