i need some questions


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May 7, 2008
i need some questions answered please

question 1- i was looking at 2 motors to use but i want to know what peoples experience with them are or maybe which would work better for putting on friction drive. Mitsubishi TLE43 and Honda GX35 (please consider if u used ether or both and which performs better, is quieter, and lasts the longest)

question 2- a general question but what are some pros and cons of a friction drive vs a chain or belt drive- not connected to motors from above

-thank you for reading my post
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I'm not sure if anyone in the forum has, or has had, both engines. Perhaps Hive? I'd look at some of his posts. Good analysis of his engines, and an engineer's eye in the execution of his projects. There's been lots written about the pro's and con's of drive systems. A lot depends on what you want/need it to do.
Boy, this was a helpful thread....remind me not to ask intelligent questions in the future with great guys like Stude to spend his valuable time answering them...
A rather good question from a 14 year old. Ignore the old farts.
I may be a little slow today, but are you asking in question #2 the diff between a friction and a frame mounted chain or belt drive rather than rack mount.
Well... I have both engines on friction drives (I have the Mitsubishi, my wife has the Honda)

The mitsubishi has quite a bit more power. (As can be seen by comparing the HP ratings) And, it truly does have more power. I can walk away from my wife, and I outweigh her by a LOT.

The Honda is quieter. Not by a lot, but, it is quieter. It's also a 4-stroke, so it's a bit more convenient - there's no oil mixing required.

The Honda will probably last longer than the Mitsubishi, but, it also has to have valves adjusted periodically.

ref the Crash Course for a discussion of differences between drive types.
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thanks for the advise

ya i made the post last night i had no idea how to use this forum its a lot different than most and very strict in a good way:) thanks for the link on the comparison and thanks for comparing the two motors thats exactly what i was looking for. i just want to know as much as i can before i go and by these for about 200$ i have to pay for it out of my pocket.