\I need something cheap.something gasoline engine,something that wont cut off when I

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    I need a gasoline engine on a bicycle,I do'nt mind fiction.It needs to be cheap,already made,to install on my mountain bike,I'm 230 lbs but I ride an electric sx ebike-so weight no problem,the bike needs to idle when still-must be califonnia shipable

  2. darwin

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    In my opinion the cheapest reliable FD kit is going to be from staton or that's dax for the FD kit. Get the 37cc HS motor from livefastmotors and bam your good to go. Need to figure shipping charges, motor is shipped free but the FD kit won't be. Looking at about $335. You could just get a Honda 35 fd kit from staton its $409 plus shipping. A dax super titan plus fd kit should run about $400 with shipping...............just my 2 cents. Good luck.
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    I think a good friction kit like thatsdax or staton-inc will work well for you in your dry climate. Members have had bearing problems with the friction kits sold on EBay.