i need sum Suspensions Opinions

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    things i have research say that the crate springer style are not made well even my apple crate in the 70s i still remember flexing it around a bit with my hands .i had the hub brake worked well as well as that fork did ./////.these days iam thinking it most be even cheaper made but i see alot of folks using them here on there mb...... the next fork iam looking at is this MONARK STYLE SPRINGER FORK they use to have issues with size they fix that now i have a 1 inch head tube on my jaguar so if u have rideing experience on one of these forks please give me your Opinions

    thanks :shock:

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    I have the monark forks on my first/only motorized bicycle. They are reproduction forks, not really built very strong but they look nice. The way I built the frame I made, there's not a lot of weight on the front wheel anyway. The springs still sag about 3/8" inch though... ...The head tube was too small a diameter and needed a piece of shim stock so the lower bearing race would fit snug. That might be the issue you speak of.

    The other forks you have a picture of, are also usually built pretty cheap. I am big and heavy, and never considered using those forks.

    If something went wrong with the monarks I think I'd just use the plain Worksman fork and maybe make a fake front brace for it.
    If you want functional front suspension, you could get a pair of decent MTB forks and make a fake brace to fit on the front. Also then you could get a front disk brake, which is good. I have the Worksman front drum brake and it doesn't really stop that well.
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    do u have a link for the workmen fork iam looking for a pic of them
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    so.... no other shock options?

    I have a very tall headtube on my bike at least 9 inches tall, 9 1/4th depending on where you measure from. And its a 1" tube. I was hoping for several options here haha. I have read a few posts about some kind of conversion for using a 1&1/8th fork on a frame with a 1" tube... how could this possibly work?

    I am going to go to the local bike shop, and see if they can help me come up with a shock + rim or disc brake option. I would prefer disc brakes.
  5. HI All and Waylow,

    Here is something that may make for a shock absorbing system without the problems of getting something to fit a particular head tube and or frame.....I think for waylow you can get discs too.....here is the link: (http://www.pantourhub.com/products.html) .

    Hope this helps....if somebody gets one, I'd love to hear how they work for you

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    hey Andy, thanks for the heads up. I may just get one of those... I have not bought a new front hub yet, and I need to. If and when I do, I will let everyone know my thoughts on the product.
  7. I don't know - I haven't had any problems with my Springer at all - works great. Takes the dips and bumps without any problems. I do 40+ mph going down my hill on my way to work in the morning, and it cruises over everything. Obviously with the clutch dis-engaged.:shock:
    I inspect my bike about every two days for loose hardware. I haven't seen any noticeable wear or stress areas on the front end what so ever. To date, I haven't had to re-torque anything. I read stories about the main bolt that goes through the spring turning out from vibration. I took it out, put some red Loctite on it, and haven't had a problem since.

    I wouldn't want to ride w/out it now.
    For the $40.00 investment, it was well worth it!:cool:

    T Fitz.

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    suspension forks

    Thank you for your post and your pictures too.
    I appreciate your input. I am glad to see that you have front brakes on your bike with the springer... but I do see that I'll have to lose my V-brakes! thats not cool! but it might be a trade off I am willing to make :-/
    anyone else have some better solutions?

    does anyone on here ride a bike with a 1" neck tube, that has some nice mountain suspension bike forks fitted to it? or maybe that suspension forkset that whizzer has on their bikes: http://ironhorse-inc.com/whizzer
    Has anyone been able to put one of these forks on a nonwhizzer bike?
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    I am using the monarch repro. springer forks from crossbow cycles, cool and functional, not cheap at all, and installation was quite difficult and very custom. For brakes i have a NOS arai drum brake fom KOOLWHIZZER on ebay, the hub was 75, spokes were 36 and labor to build em was 60...pretty high buck wheel, but it all works great...if you are an experienced bike builder go for the monarch forks, and good luck to you....as for the whizzer, i dont know if they are 1 or 1 1/8...
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    Thanks for the heads up. I am strongly considering one of those, since it seems impossible for rim brakes to work on any type of springer I have seen... even though I've seen old school puller rim brakes on a few of the schwinn style springers... but the geometry changed when you hit bumps... so it seems like that would eff with the braking and could possible pull the pad under the rim on a big bump combined with braking.

    I wonder if the disc brake mount and the caliper mount are attached to the outer part of the suspension hub, so it all can stay still while the forks and axle move inside the hub... if so, I suppose I could put a disc up front. pricey, but the best brake choice regardless. I will be looking into this..... edit: I just sent an email to the Pantourhub people, and will post my findings on the subject.

    If any one else has one of these and knows for sure, please chime in!
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    k here is a update on what i went with a springer that came with my bike


    and i think its bent a bit now and it doesn't works like it use to i have to hang on with 2 hands anything above 30 mph and its so wobbly iam looking at the forks that come on the k2 bike made by girven something like that it just has not got that cool look i have a stormy archer front hub OMG THE BEST if u have the funds get it i got the sealed barring type with 6 volts noting wired to it yet stooping on a dime now at 40 mph