I Need The Biggest Mirror I Can Find!



My eyes are getting old. It takes too long for me to focus on those small bike mirrors. A truck-size mirror might be what might work for me on my motorized cruiser bike. I need to know what's coming up quickly from behind. Has anyone mounted a BIG mirror on their bicycle?
5-7 Heaven, my eyes are getting old too. I use a bicycle mirror that makes objects appear closer than they really are, I think I paid $ 19.00 for it. Works really good for me. They also make glasses with mirrors on them so that you can see behind you quickly at anytime if they are close to you.
I used a round motorcycle mirror. It's about 4 in across.

For the mount I used one of the clamps that holds your seat to the post. It clamps on the handlebars just fine and the stem of the mirror fits in as well.

Lots of vision and plenty of room to adjust it perfectly.
Thanks graucho and Kilroy. I looked at all you recommended.

I purchased a good-sized mirror. Hope it works. If it doesn't work, I'll look for a larger head.