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    Hi I need to now if a Whizzer from 2004,will be a good investment because I have a Skyhawk 2 Stroke Motor Bike and I like it much but I would like to take the next step to 4 Stroke,currently there is a person selling one in $ 1000 and have not seen it but the person said it only has 250 miles runs,you think if it's worth buying for that price if when I see it is in good condition,thanks in advance.

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    Anyone have a comment on my question.
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    I do not own a whizzer but if the picture is of the bike you are trying to buy it looks good. It looks like everything you need is already on the bike, you can spend 500$ on a bike to get it to that point. If it runs good and the frame is solid and straight it might be a good investment, but I would try to negotiate with the owner on the price.
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    Before you do anything read thru to posts on the Whizzer section. You may change your mind on that whizzer.

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    Thanks Greg,profesor for your reply I will read Whizzer section but there is something wrong about this whizzer I need to know.