I put some extra fuel in a water bottle that was still a little wet?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Fletch, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. Fletch

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    I went on a long ride yesterday (actually I intended to but didn't) and I put some extra pre-mix fuel in a used water bottle. I was in a hurry so I blew it out with the air compressor, but it wasn't completely dry when I filled it.

    My question is how bad is this? I know moisture in an engine isn't good right? I still have the bottle because I never needed it. Should I use it or dump it? It's only 500ml.

    That leads me to a new question which could be a new thread: Where do you guys dump your "bad" fuel? I have a bunch from toying around with mix ratios and collecting some from carb bowls when adjusting them.

  2. professor

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    The water will settle to the bottom. Pour out as much as you can into another container, from that container -use it.
    When I have good gas - even mixed with 2 stroke at the end of the season- it goes into my bike or snow equiptment. Yes- 2 stroke mix runs fine in a 4 stroke.
    I use old gas - the stuff that is really old or contaminated with water, as fire starter for my chimnea in the back yard - be prepared to stand back when it catches. A 1/4 cup does wonders for cranking up the fire.
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    Right on... I'll do that. That's interesting about a 4 stroke. So if I put my premix in a car undiluted it would be fine? That's good to know.
  4. happycheapskate

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    If you put a gallon of 2 cycle gas in a car and fill it up, no big deal, it might even run better if you have 90/10 gas/ethanol. lol. But too much will make the car smoke, and probably set off your sensors. If you only ran the car on 2 cycle gas, it would smoke some and probably not run as powerfully, and might foul one of the plugs.

    Don't put water tainted or old gas in your car.

    I use crappy gas, rust tainted gas, or old gas on ant hills. I mix it in a five gallon bucket with some water and any old cooking grease, and pour it through a drilled hole in the bucket, onto the ant hills and sidewalk cracks.
  5. RedBaronX

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    I have a gallon of old gas I'm going to have to get rid of, so I'm going to ask at the little car repair shop a couple blocks away if they have gas/oil disposal.
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    ha ha...so many people are worried about the effects of their motorized bikes on the environment on this site, and here you are, dumping gas/oil/grease into the ground.
  7. professor

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    Fletch- I would NOT put two stroke mix in any vehicle with a cat. converter!
  8. PatrickW

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    Environmental Sudies 101

    Your's and your neighbor's lawns turning brown.....children getting sick....dogs, cats and wildlife falling dead; but, NO ANTS. I just can't believe it from someone who should know better.
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  9. happycheapskate

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    [​IMG] http://hardinmd.lib.uiowa.edu/pictures22/tamu/img0048_med.jpg

    A couple gallons a year at most (of the gasoline), and less than 10 gallons a year of fryer grease. I think that is better for the environment than another junked car or a condemned mobile home. lol.

    If I have gas I don't want to use in other things but it's not too rotten, I filter it out and run it in my old lawnmower. That thing will run on junk gas. (4hp briggs with the sucker carb)

    My neighbors lawns are greener than ever, and I haven't had to call a pest man to come spray gallons of that horrible smelling poison for a long time. I can cook in my front yard!

    PS there is a lot of wildlife here, and none of it looks sick (except that really old giant possum that eats the tin foil out of the trash can). There are cats, birds, squirrels, racoons, armadillos, but no mice!

    Yeah, some people say "2 strokes are dirty, that should be banned" but I think a small vehicle like mine that gets 100mpg, and runs a lot cleaner than some dirt bikes and stuff, is better than a giant SUV that gets 5-15mpg, needs gallons of oil a year, and sends hundreds of pounds of rubber and metal to waste when the tires wear out.
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